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A rendered cityscape at night with urban infrastructure, transportation, living high rises, and developed landscape

Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection: Integrated tools and workflows

  • Improve your design quality with design and analysis software
  • Work better together with streamlined data exchange and integrated workflows
  • Use intelligent model-based design and task automation
An operating machine with rendered design layouts

Product Design & Manufacturing Collection: Integrated tools and workflows

  • Create high-performing designs and system layouts
  • Extend product capabilities
  • Better connect your team and your data

Media & Entertainment

Video crew on set

On-set production

Keep productions moving, connect creative teams, and bring your vision from script to screen with cutting-edge, collaborative tools.

Close-up of dragon's face

Visual effects

From jaw-dropping explosions to fantastical creatures, craft cinematic magic with industry-trusted visual effects software.

Image courtesy of Ludovico Totire

Man triumphantly holding flag and hammer


Bring complex CG characters and worlds to life faster and more collaboratively with powerful animation solutions.

Image courtesy of Alexandre Mougenot

Woman in sci-fi environment

Game development

Create immersive, high-quality worlds and characters that transport game players to extraordinary realms.

Image courtesy of The Unioverse & Swame Studio

Image courtesy of Ecem Okumus

Media & Entertainment Collection: Integrated tools and workflows

  • Render your toughest projects with Arnold
  • Create complex effects with Bifrost
  • Empower artists with a choice of tools

Explore Autodesk solutions by task

Popular software solutions.

Mac-compatible software

Use native Mac products for CAD, 3D modeling, rendering, animation, VFX, and digital imagery.

CAD blocks

Create repeated content with CAD blocks, such as drawing symbols, components, and standard details.


Use models and assemblies to generate toolpaths to manufacture prototypes and finished parts.

3D CAD software

Replace manual drafting with an automated process to visualize objects in 3D.

Circuit design software

Run accurate simulations, order manufacturable parts, and provide connectability on electronic circuits.

Digital drawing software

Flexible text item rich text.Create digital masterpieces on your graphics tablet with layers, brush sets, and pressure-sensitive strokes.

Generative design

Input design goals and parameters, such as performance requirements, to explore all possible solutions.

Photogrammetry software

Create topographic maps, meshes, or drawings by extracting 3D information from photographs.

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