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Creative review for digital dailies: Unlocking next-level collaboration

Connect on-set and post-production workflows so creative teams can bring masterpieces from script to screen.

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Creative review software Autodesk Flow Capture showing digital dailies
Creative review software like Autodesk Flow Capture streamlines on-set and post-production collaboration.

What is creative review software for digital dailies?

Digital dailies are the raw unedited footage captured on set during a film or video production. Creative review software for digital dailies allows teams to share, review, and provide feedback on digital dailies before proceeding to the final editing process. Creative review software optimizes review workflows across on-set and post-production teams, enhances collaboration, and ensures that creative visions are realized efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of creative review software for digital dailies workflows

Enhance collaboration and increase productivity so you can confidently deliver the highest quality work.

Accelerate production

Complete on-set and post-production work in parallel and manage digital dailies, metadata, and feedback in a single cloud-based environment.


Improve collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration with real-time, cloud-based workflows, and enable remote teams to manage, share, and review digital dailies in high resolution.


Deliver the highest quality content

Review, annotate, and edit media seconds after its capture to iterate early and deliver the best possible results with robust review capabilities.


Focus on the creative

Create with confidence and seamlessly integrate your existing workflows with industry-leading production management tools.


Creative review software features

Discover key features of creative review software for digital dailies workflows, like Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion), that enhance collaboration and boost productivity.

Creative review Autodesk Flow Capture camera-to-cloud smartphone showing dailies with film set in the background

Camera-to-cloud workflows

Stream camera footage and metadata across teams, sets, and locations moments after the camera stops rolling.


Creative review Autodesk Flow Capture screen showing collaborative review

Real-time review

Share live streams and review assets with annotation tools, video, and chat capabilities in a single cloud-based environment.


Creative review Autodesk Flow Capture screen on tablet

Color review

Review media and enhance the quality of creative projects with full Dolby Vision, HDR10, and 4k playback support.


Creative review Autodesk Flow Capture watermarking screen

Best-in-class security

Protect assets with digital rights management, forensic and burnt-in watermarking, and multi-factor authentication.


Autodesk creative review software for digital dailies

Powerful and secure cloud-based dailies and review for animation, VFX, and games

A review and production tracking toolset for VFX, games, and animation teams

How on-set teams are using creative review tools

Creative review still from Amazon Studios' The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Amazon Studios

Adopting cloud-based creative tools

To deliver series like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios uses Autodesk Flow Capture to help streamline the review of nearly 10,000 VFX shots with live-action footage from on-set through post-production.

Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Creative review helmet cam still of firefighters and helicopter in field

44 Blue Productions

Capturing heroism in real time

The unscripted content production company 44 Blue Productions relies on Flow Capture to expedite its remote post-production process for real-life footage of first responders.


Image courtesy of 44 Blue Productions

Creative review still from Cowboy Bebop Netflix show

Cameron Angeli/Netflix

Finding a new cloud-based creative review cornerstone

Cowboy Bebop post-production supervisor shares how Flow Capture connects on-set and post-production for more streamlined creative review.


Image courtesy of Netflix

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Creative review software frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are digital dailies?

Digital dailies are the digital versions of raw footage captured during a film or video production. Digital dailies allow filmmakers, directors, and other stakeholders to review and assess the quality of the footage. Digital dailies are often used for early-stage editing, feedback, and decision-making processes in the post-production phase of filmmaking. They enable quick and efficient collaborative review of the day’s shoot, helping filmmakers identify any issues or areas for improvement before proceeding with the final editing process.

How can creative review software help streamline the creative review process for film and TV projects?

Creative review software streamlines for film and TV projects by enhancing collaboration, workflow management, and review iterations. Creative review software allows team members to review, annotate, and collaborate on project media, in real time for faster decision making. Digitizing the creative review process reduces the time and resources required for managing and distributing assets, ensuring all stakeholders have access to the latest versions of content and feedback. This accelerates production timelines and maintains quality control by offering tools for more accurate color grading, sound mixing, and visual effects review.

How does creative review software facilitate collaboration among remote teams?

Creative review software facilitates collaboration among remote teams by providing centralized platforms for reviewing, annotating, and discussing creative assets such as footage, images, and documents. These platforms typically offer cloud-based storage, allowing team members to access and work on the same files from anywhere with an internet connection. Real-time collaboration features help team members provide feedback, make annotations, and discuss changes synchronously. Version control functionalities ensure that everyone is working with the latest version of the content, reducing errors and miscommunication.

Can creative review tools integrate with other post-production tools and workflows?

Creative review tools like Flow Capture can integrate with video editing software, color grading tools, visual effects software, and sound editing programs. With this interoperability, editors, colorists, visual effects artists, and sound engineers can access and work on the same files within their preferred tools, synching feedback and annotations through the creative review software. Integration with cloud storage platforms and project management tools like Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) further enhances workflow efficiency by centralizing project assets and communication channels.

What security measures in cloud-based creative review software protect project assets like digital dailies?

Cloud-based creative review software employs robust security measures to protect project assets like digital dailies. Encryption safeguards data during transmission, digital rights management restricts who can view and modify project assets, and multifactor authentication verifies user identities. Detailed audit trails monitor user activity, while forensic and burnt-in watermarking discourages unauthorized sharing. Compliance certifications ensure adherence to industry standards, such as SOC 2 or ISO 27001. These security features give filmmakers and production teams confidence in the safety and integrity of their creative assets as they collaborate remotely.

How does creative review software for digital dailies support the color grading process?

Creative review software for digital dailies supports the color grading process by offering a suite of features and capabilities tailored to the responsibilities of colorists. These include high-resolution playback for more accurate assessment of footage quality; built-in color correction tools for more precise adjustments to color balance, contrast, and saturation; and comparison views for ensuring consistency across different versions of the footage. Annotation and feedback features enable collaboration between colorists and other team members, for incorporating feedback into the final grade and ensuring that filmmakers achieve the desired aesthetic.

How does creative review software ensure everyone can access project updates and the latest versions of project media?

Creative review software ensures that everyone has access to project updates and the latest versions of project media through cloud-based storage, version control, notifications and alerts, and user permissions. By storing project assets securely in the cloud, team members can access files from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating real-time collaboration. Version control mechanisms track changes to project files so team members are always working with the most up-to-date versions, preventing confusion. Notifications and alerts keep teams informed of any updates or changes, while user permissions control access to sensitive content, maintaining project security.

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