3d environment modeling software

Create high-quality 3D environments with full artistic control using 3ds Max’s rich and flexible toolset. 

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What is 3D environment modeling?

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What is 3D environment modeling?

3D environment modeling is the generation of realistic environments for games, film, architectural renderings, and advertising using specialized computer software.   

3D environment modeling with 3ds Max

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Best-in-class 3D environment modeling with 3ds Max

3ds Max’s advanced tools and unique features allow for efficient creation of large-scale 3D environments, and includes powerful animation, simulation, and rendering capacity for artists who work with complex, high-resolution assets.

Media & Entertainment Collection for 3D environment modeling

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Using the Media & Entertainment Collection for 3D environment modeling

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes everything you need to create advanced 3D environments – from 3ds Max for shaping 3D objects and scenes to Maya and Mudbox for sculpting, texturing and refining the look of models. 

Creating an immersive 3D environment

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Creating an immersive 3D environment

See how an Egyptologist used 3ds Max to create a realistic 3D reconstruction of Queen Nefertari's tomb. 

Benefits of 3D environment modeling software

Create stunning and detailed environments for games, film and TV, and design visualization using extensive and powerful 3D modeling software included the Media & Entertainment Collection.


Master detailed environments

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes powerful 3D modeling and sculpting tools optimized to help you work faster and more efficiency without sacrificing creativity.

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All-in-one 3D modeling tools

Build expansive environments and detailed 3D objects with 3ds Max’s extensive modeling toolset.

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Intricate details

Use robust 3D tools in Maya and Mudbox to sculpt, texture and, refine the look of your models.

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Render quickly

See high-quality previews and iterate changes quickly with Arnold’s artist-friendly UI and intuitive controls.

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Media & Entertainment Collection

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Media & Entertainment Collection

Get all the tools you need to bring breathtaking environments to life for film, TV, games, and design visualization.  

Use 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox to build intricate worlds and detailed environments

3D modeling, animation, and rendering software for games and design visualization

3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software for film, games, and TV

Digital painting and sculpting software

3D environment modeling resources

Swiss Army knife of 3D artists

Learn how 3ds Max helped define a game development career and gave new life to the video game Black Mesa. 


3D workflow functionality

Explore how Arnold, Maya, and Mudbox were used to create a stunning 3D film noir scene. 


3D environment modeling frequently asked questions

How is rendering handled for 3D environments using the Media & Entertainment Collection?

Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment Collection provides all the tools you need to make rendering fast and easy. View scene changes in real time, including lighting, materials, and camera. See your scene in a near-final rendering quality as you’re working. Plus, seamlessly and consistently change materials, lights, cameras, and renderers from one to another. 

How can the Media & Entertainment Collection improve productivity for 3D environment artists?

Robust toolsets included in the Media & Entertainment Collection deliver tight pipeline integration, allowing you to stay connected to teams and track massive quantities of content all on a single, intuitive platform. 

Are there any 3D environment templates, textures, or other assets included in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The software included in the Media & Entertainment Collection includes an extensive library of 3D environment templates and textures. 

What third-party software or file types are compatible with the 3D environment modeling tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The Media & Entertainment Collection supports a wealth of formats for scene import and export, texture import, and bitmap export formats. Other formats are supported through external plug-in models.  

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