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Helping teams manage the water systems of today and build infrastructure for tomorrow.

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Securing our water future

Water. Managing it is one of our great present-day challenges. People need clean water delivered safely and continuously, wastewater transmitted and treated to be used again, and stormwater runoff managed to limit waste and reduce flooding. All of this in a time of aging water infrastructure, rising costs and growing populations.

To provide solutions for these ongoing water challenges, we are extending our expertise, digital twin capabilities, and cloud technologies to help protect every drop of this, our most precious element.

How Autodesk supports global water experts 

  • A unique approach to rainfall management

    "Now our model is able to keep up with the increase in groundwater to better prevent sanitary sewer overflows."

    Javier Garcia, Manager of Maintenance Technology, Jacobs

  • Meeting demand for clean water

    "Our modeling approach allowed us to carry out a detailed analysis of our dataset to target investments and provide the greatest benefit to our customers."

     Jon Scott, System Chief Operating Officer, Bristol Water

  • Assessing utilities systems as a whole

    “Given the information for how we could improve our assets, we were able to be more efficient with our funding.”

    Caroline Barlow, PE, Rehabilitation Program Manager for SPU

Ensure resilient water infrastructure with Autodesk

InfoDrainage screenshot with Mainline—Pipes overlay

Create detailed, sustainable drainage designs 

Optimize water networks to mitigate flooding and meet regulatory requirements with drainage design and analysis solutions for designers, developers, consultants, and approval authorities. Powerful integrations with BIM, CAD, and GIS platforms help improve efficiency, compliance, and control across the project lifecycle. 

InfoWorks ICM 2D overland flow over roads

Holistic stormwater, wastewater, and flood modeling 

Build stronger community resilience and improve environmental protection against the pressures of urbanization and extreme weather events with integrated catchment modeling software. Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively to improve stormwater and wastewater planning and management. 

Comparison of model results and measured values

Accurate representation of water distribution networks 

Reduce operating costs and improve service with comprehensive water distribution analysis and modeling tools. Hydraulic modelers, engineers, and GIS practitioners of all experience levels can benefit from a wide range of capabilities from spatial analysis and visualization to scripting and automated model maintenance.  

Review of inspection observation table and media

Network management to reduce operational risk

Understand what assets make up your water network and proactively plan maintenance, repairs, rehabilitation, and replacements with risk-based prioritization. Utilities can improve and streamline their asset management plans with digital tools to manage and process inspection data and asset information.

Info360 Insight user interface showing town map and latest alerts

Real-time insights to enhance service

Use cloud-based solutions to extract actionable insights from operational data and clearly communicate to stakeholders. Address operational inefficiencies, improve system reliability, allow real-time management of incidents, inform better asset management, and reduce both labor and non-labor costs.

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Learn more about digital water solutions 

  • Digital twins for water

    Combine real-time asset data with a digital representation to create insights that drive actionable and improved outcomes.

  • Plant design and operations

    Deliver higher quality and better performing plants with solutions for detailed design documentation, asset management, and operational analytics. 

  • BIM and GIS integration

    Integrate location intelligence and design to make smarter decisions that help solve real-world problems and create a more sustainable, resilient future.

Digital software for water professionals

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Explore related water topics

Learn how water experts use Autodesk solutions to improve planning, design, and operations.

  • Water utilities workers inspecting water quality

    Common water utility problems

    Water experts address key issues such as aging infrastructure, capital investment, climate change, digital transformation, and cyber security.

  • Aerial view of a water treatment plant

    Predictive control for plants

    Find patterns and forecast scenarios with machine learning so you can evaluate the best reaction strategies. 

  • Utility field worker fixing a water main pipe

    Asset renewal and rehabilitation

    Gain approval for your capital improvement plans and manage operations and maintenance budgets more effectively with tools to help visualize proposed asset interventions.

Flooded street in a suburban area surrounded by trees and residential homes

Planning a better, more sustainable future

Better serve the needs of your community by forecasting how your system will respond to varying conditions. Model complex wastewater and stormwater network elements to inform decisions around capacity fluctuations, system expansions, and emergency scenarios.

Water industry resources  

  • Aerial view of a water treatment plant


    Making global water infrastructure more resilient

    Some 25% of the global population lives in countries facing high water stress. Sustainable water technology is addressing this crisis.

  • Aerial view of a densely populated suburban neighborhood with water distribution network below


    GIS-based network modeling 

    Discover the advantages of using GIS data within your water distribution network model to save time. 

  • River in Netherlands flowing adjacent to roads and bridges


    Driving the ultimate drainage design experience 

    Learn how integrated BIM and drainage design workflows allow you to improve accuracy, save costs, and reduce errors throughout the design process. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Water professionals use detailed design software such as CAD, BIM, and GIS solutions; hydraulic modeling and process design tools for analysis and simulation of water networks; asset management software for improved capital planning; and operational analytics tools with artificial intelligence for informed decision making. Learn more

Innovyze is a global leader in building industry-leading software for water and wastewater professionals around the world. Prior to joining Autodesk in early 2021, Innovyze had a 35-year record of pushing the industry toward more sustainable water stewardship. The company's modeling, simulation, and predictive analyses solutions enable more cost-effective and sustainably designed water distribution networks, water collection systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, and flood protection systems.  

Together, Autodesk and Innovyze have made significant contributions toward shoring up a future where water is safe, accessible, and preserved for all with solutions that centralize infrastructure asset visibility to optimize capital and operational expenses.   

Autodesk’s wide range of water solutions are used by water utilities, planners, engineers, project managers, and operators; federal and local municipalities; consulting firms and contractors; as well as site designers, developers, and landscape architects.   

A hydraulic model is a mathematical model of a fluid flow system, such as a water, sewer, or storm system, used to analyze the system's behavior. A hydraulic model uses data, such as GIS, CAD, and as-builts to create a digital representation of the real-world system.  

A hydrologic model is designed to estimate the amount of runoff or streamflow generated by rainfall. It represents the quantity of water generated from a specific land area or watershed. A hydrologic model aids in understanding, predicting, and managing water resources by capturing real-world data such as water flow and quality.   

Cloud technology enables water and wastewater utilities to monitor, analyze, and optimize their operations and maintenance activities.  

Info360 is Autodesk’s cloud platform for the water industry. It provides the framework and shared services for applications that help water utilities of any size visualize and manage assets and operations today, while predicting and preparing for future needs. As a result, utilities can deliver the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost.  

Digital twins are virtual models of real-world systems that learn and adapt to changing circumstances. They are continuously updated by data and information. In the water industry, digital twins simulate the changing flows, levels, pressures, and controls in our water systems and tell us how well they are performing in the past, now, and in the future, reaching a level of sophistication where they can provide predictive recommendations to improved operational outcomes.  

As a result, utilities are better able to manage flooding and overflows, reduce carbon, water leakage, energy, and chemical usage, optimize maintenance schedules, and rapidly respond to incidents.   

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