Web and cloud-based CAD software

Work faster and smarter from anywhere with online CAD drawing and cloud-based CAD software such as Autodesk Fusion and AutoCAD Web.

A diagram illustrates how AutoCAD software serves as a hub for information and processes.

Online CAD software connects data and processes in the cloud.

What is cloud and online CAD software?

Cloud-based, online CAD software runs in a local browser or through a web or mobile app, unlike traditional CAD software installed on a computer. Online CAD software like Fusion and AutoCAD Web offers many of the same capabilities as traditional CAD software but it is updated through a remote server and subscription-based, usually on a monthly or annual basis.

Online CAD software benefits

Design anywhere

Draft, edit, and view CAD designs on different devices with online CAD software.

Greater collaboration

Cut down communication time and bring design teams together in an environment that harnesses the power of the cloud. Keep team members updated with the most recent designs and plans.

Streamlined workflows

Streamline your drafting, review, and revision workflows. Track projects, add comments, share files, and take your projects on-site with online CAD or via your mobile device.

Cloud-based online CAD software from Autodesk

2D and 3D CAD tools, with enhanced insights, AI-automations, and collaboration features. Subscription includes AutoCAD on desktop, web, mobile, and seven specialized toolsets.

Draft, annotate, and add field data to your drawings online via your web browser or mobile device. Access and edit DWG files, and quickly collaborate with AutoCAD users on designs.

Cloud-based 3D CAD / CAM / CAE / PCB software for product design.

A composite screen image displays software screens in mobile and web browser versions.

Perform basic tasks in AutoCAD Web on a computer or mobile device.

Markup and annotate online with AutoCAD Web

With AutoCAD Web, there’s no need to install software to view, create, edit, and share designs from anywhere, on any device. Sign into AutoCAD Web cloud-based CAD software on any computer or mobile device and access core AutoCAD commands for light editing and generating fundamental designs.


Two engineers in hard hats consult a tablet on a construction job site.

Cloud-based CAD software lets your workforce collaborate from anywhere.

Cloud-based CAD for lower running costs and increased productivity

Cloud-based CAD software is convenient to run wherever you happen to be and can help keep your business costs low. Rather than having to constantly upgrade your computers to run the latest software, you can simply use it through the cloud. The ability to use cloud-based CAD solutions such as Fusion and AutoCAD Web anywhere, any time gives your workforce the flexibility to work from anywhere, bolstering productivity and morale.


An instructor assists an adult student working on a laptop.

Students and educators can access fully featured versions of Autodesk online CAD applications.

Online CAD software for students, too

Students and educators can get free renewable access to Autodesk’s online CAD software such as AutoCAD and Autodesk Fusion. These fully featured versions let you take full advantage of the same versatile tools as the pros while you learn. Our cloud-based CAD solutions also make it easy to work on your assignments whether you’re at home, at the library, or visiting family during the holidays.


A man holds a machine part prototype next to a computer screen displaying its design elements.

Use Fusion cloud software to perform iterative design processes anywhere.

Unleash the possibilities of cloud-based generative design

With Autodesk Fusion cloud software, you can use iterative and generative design processes wherever you are. Generative design allows you to input goals, parameters, and constraints into the software and let the computer do the work of finding new and innovative solutions. Because the CAD software is cloud-based, the remote server carries the workload, leaving you free to use your computer for other tasks.


A composite image illustrates ways Autodesk Flow software can be used to manage media production.

Autodesk Flow manages media production processes.

Autodesk industry cloud: Design and Make Platform for your industry

Cloud solutions can suit many industrial spaces. Autodesk Platform offers three different industry clouds: Autodesk Forma for architecture, engineering and construction; Autodesk Fusion for manufacturing; and Autodesk Flow for media and entertainment’s cloud-based production lifecycle platforms.

See how customers are using online CAD software

A man designs a machinery part at a computer workstation.


Bringing product dreams to life with Fusion

Discover how one engineering firm used Autodesk Fusion to launch more than 50 consumer products, from functional prototypes to robotics.

On an opera stage, a man sits on a throne of deer antlers.


Drafting sustainable set designs with AutoCAD

Learn how a national opera company based in Leeds, United Kingdom, performed its first fully sustainable season with set pieces modeled in AutoCAD.

Image courtesy of Richard H. Smith

A series of tech wearables is displayed on a table.


Using Fusion to help entrepreneurs get ideas off the ground

Learn how one design/engineering/marketing firm helps startups realize the full potential of their innovations, from napkin sketch to finished product.

Image courtesy of Brash Product Development

A software screen displays a circuit board design in progress.


Taking cloud-based collaboration to the sky

Learn how, by using a centralized cloud-stored dataset, multiple engineers can work together efficiently.

Online CAD software resources

For global design firm DWP, working remotely has allowed the firm to explore high-end design partnerships with greater creativity and collaboration.

Learn how, as more companies shift to cloud collaboration, entire industries are being transformed by this digital revolution.

Explore ways using an industry cloud can help companies break down silos and connect data, processes, and workflows in one centralized environment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online CAD software

Can I use AutoCAD online? What cloud collaboration/remote features are included in Autodesk CAD software?

AutoCAD Web is used to access core Autodesk AutoCAD commands for light editing and generating fundamental designs, collaborating with others, adding change notes and markups without altering an existing desktop drawing, and accessing CAD files in the cloud. Mobile and web access to AutoCAD are included with an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT subscription.

What is AutoCAD 360?

AutoCAD 360 legacy software provided access to AutoCAD on mobile. Now, AutoCAD Web allows you to view, markup, edit, and create DWG files on your smartphone or tablet. AutoCAD Web lets you use essential drafting and design capabilities on the go via your iOS or Android device.