Production management: Bringing creative visions to life

Seamlessly bridge the gap between production and creative workflows so teams can work together more efficiently.

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What is production management?

Production management in media and entertainment oversees the creation of film, TV, and game projects. Production management is the process of planning, tracking, and managing logistics and assets of a creative project from pre-production through to final delivery. Production management involves creating and optimizing schedules, tracking asset development and resources, assigning tasks, managing project budgets, and reviewing and approving creative content.

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Flow Production Tracking creates new, extended workflows for collaboration across the production lifecycle.

Solutions for production teams

Production management software like Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) allows studios to confidently keep pace with the dynamic nature of production. Advanced production management capabilities allow production teams to track, manage, and analyze project data, media, and resources in one centralized, cloud-connected environment as they move through the pipeline. Industry-tested review tools allow creative teams to accelerate creative-review workflows and provide effective feedback to deliver the highest-quality results.

Benefits of production management software

Increase productivity and enhance collaboration so you can confidently deliver projects on time and on budget.

Accelerated production

Centralize project assets and workflows in one cloud-based environment to quickly track every step of the project in real time.


Dynamic resource planning & scheduling

Easily identify where artists are overloaded or underutilized and adjust resources to optimize team performance, reduce downtime and deliver projects on time and on budget.


Business continuity

Use production insights to track and visualize key production data in one centralized environment to make critical business decisions faster.


Improved collaboration

Easily review, annotate, and iterate assets in context and in high resolution with powerful review tools to deliver the best results possible.


Create with confidence

Stay in a creative state with seamless integrations with industry-leading content-creation tools.


Autodesk production management software

A review and production tracking toolset for VFX, games, and animation teams

Powerful and secure cloud-based dailies and review for animation, VFX, and games

Production management software resources

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See how the first fully cloud-based visual effects studio uses Flow Production Tracking to optimize production workflows to deliver award-winning projects across film, TV, and commercials.


WeFX shares how Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) enables the visual effects studio to optimize creative workflows, accelerate project deployment, and navigate growing client demand.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about production management software

How does production management software improve efficiency in media projects?

Production management software improves efficiency in media projects by providing project-tracking and review tools that streamline complex production workflows. Production management software centralizes vast amounts of project assets, data, and logistics, making it easier to track, manage, and deliver creative projects on time and on budget. 

What features should I look for in production management software?

Key features of widely adopted production management software include:

  • Real-time project tracking for every step of a production, including shots and assets
  • Powerful production management tools for budgeting, scheduling, and resource planning
  • Automation technology that reduces repetitive tasks
  • Data visualization of key production data to track project progress
  • Interoperability with industry-leading content creation software
  • Review tools for remote collaboration and effective feedback

Is production management software suitable for both small indie projects and large-scale productions?

Production management software like Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) is easily scalable and can be used on creative projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Flow Production Tracking also accommodates any project budget, with flexible pricing options including monthly, annual, multi-year and pay as you go.

How does production management software facilitate collaboration across different departments?

Cloud-based production management software facilitates collaboration across different departments, locations, and studios by connecting everyone in the production pipeline to a single source of truth for all project data and media—updated in real-time and available to all stakeholders regardless of location. 

What type of security features are included in production management software?

Production management softwares can offer a wide range of security features to ensure project media and data are protected. For example, Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) offers features like single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and IP allow listing.

Do production management softwares integrate with other tools commonly used in film and media production?

Yes, production management softwares can integrate with third-party content creation and production tools to enhance creative workflows and collaboration. For example, Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) integrates with industry-leading softwares like Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Flame, Houdini, Unreal Engine, Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, and more.

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