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Structural Fabrication Software

See how the structural detailing and fabrication software in the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection helps support the structural design-to-fabrication process for precast, rebar and structural steel.

What is structural fabrication?

Structural fabrication is the design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, or other materials. Prefabrication helps to reduce waste and speed installation and construction.

construction site with steel design assembly

What is structural steel fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is the process of bending, cutting, and assembling structural steel to create parts, machines, or structures. Structural steel fabricators use machinery to construct a steel piece viable for structural assembly.

Different types of fabrication

structural steel close up


See how the leading Canada-based manufacturer of steel building systems uses Autodesk’s Advance Steel detailing software to improve productivity and efficiencies across various workflows.

precast building construction site


Learn how a concrete factory in the Netherlands uses Revit software to automate the model-to-production workflow, making it more efficient and open to collaboration with partners and clients.

rebar close up


Watch a hands-on lab to learn how to model and adjust reinforcement using Revit software, how to select the best tool for your tasks, how to extract fabrication data, and more.

construction site with structural foundation

Structural fabrication workflow

A connected and advanced workflow enhances all phases of fabrication. See this instructional demo that offers practical guidance to working with Revit and BIM 360.

Benefits of structural fabrication software

The Autodesk AEC Collection from Autodesk enhances all phases of fabrication.

engineers and fabricators coordinating on a project


A real-time flow of information means enhanced coordination of design, detailing, fabrication, and site operations.

fabricators moving structural steel


The design model for fabrication helps identify problems before production, reducing discrepancies and the need for rework, as well as lowering costs.

construction workers handling prefab


Streamline your process and generate complex structures in fewer steps. By integrating connection design, detailing, and estimating, fabricators can better optimize and automate their workstreams.

fabricators building structures


Easily create model-driven shop deliverables to streamline fabrication and installation.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection

One collection does it all. Plan, design and detail in 3D, and manage all aspects of structural fabrication. Manage workflows, automate drawings and reports, and accelerate structural fabrication design.

Relevant software in the collection for structural fabrication & design

Detail, estimate, and fabricate better products and buildings with the AEC Collection.

Structural fabrication & design resources

Rework doesn’t have to be part of the fabrication process. Learn how BIM helps steel fabricators reduce waste and decrease errors.

Technology like the AEC Collection is disrupting how prefabrication is accomplished. Learn how from best-in-class Design for Manufacture and Assembly companies.

Learn how prefabricated structural steel parts are designed using BIM and see how it helps turn a design model into a ready-for-fabrication detailed model.

Structural fabrication frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does Autodesk software allow for importing of 2D drawings for concrete fabrication?

The AEC Collection from Autodesk includes Revit software that makes it easy for you to reference 2D drawings to create a 3D model more quickly.

How will the AEC Collection help improve structural fabrication productivity?

The AEC Collection includes integrated BIM and CAD tools that improve structural fabrication productivity by optimizing the process of design, review, detailing, fabrication, and installation.

What features in the collection will help with structural fabrication?

The software in the AEC Collection seamlessly connects design to detailing and improves model coordination, minimizes errors, and accelerates detailing and fabrication.

What types of fabrication materials are supported by the Autodesk AEC Collection?

The Autodesk AEC Collection supports fabrication with steel, precast concrete, and rebar.