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Join your fellow designers and makers to connect, share knowledge, and be inspired.

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Autodesk Community (video: 3:24 min)

Make connections

Find tips, solutions, and best practices from real-world experts for the tools you use every day and help others by sharing what you know.

Share, learn, and be inspired

Discover a living library of member-contributed knowledge, projects, and insights, and join in by sharing your own.

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Community Blog

Improve your skills with tutorials, read member stories about projects and careers, and have your say on issues that matter in your industry.


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Community Gallery

Spark your creativity by exploring the incredible projects that people are designing and making and share your own work.


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Community Events

Find your people to talk shop and build meaningful connections in online meetups, webinars, and industry events.


More ways to connect

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Autodesk Research Community

Shape the future of your Autodesk experience by helping us understand your needs for the software you use every day.


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Autodesk Feedback Community

Work with Autodesk product teams to provide feedback on software and services through pre-release product validation and product testing.


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Autodesk Expert Elite Program

Learn about our community advocacy program, meet some of our members, and find out how you can get involved.