Lighting and look development software

Use Arnold in the Media & Entertainment Collection to deliver lighting and look development, bringing models to life and to ensuring look consistency throughout the project.

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What is look development?

Look development is the artistic process of defining how computer-generated characters or scenes appear using texture, shading, lighting, and compositing.

Achieving the right look with Arnold

Image courtesy of Axis Studios

Achieving the right look with Arnold

See how Axis Studios used Autodesk’s Arnold software to hit a specific creative look and speed up render times in creating the Throne of Eldraine trailer.

Using the Media & Entertainment Collection for lighting and look development

Using the Media & Entertainment Collection for lighting and look development

Arnold software, part of the Media & Entertainment Collection, gives studios robust, production-ready tools to reliably manage look development and lighting for complex characters and scenes. See how the Media & Entertainment Collection was used to create the 3D animated sequence, Mkali’s Mission.

Look development for photoreal CG characters

Image courtesy of Lee Griggs

Look development for photoreal CG characters

Learn how the look development tools in Arnold make it easy to make sculptural changes and try different texture maps. Endlessly tweak assets to seamlessly capture the right photoreal effect with minimal effort.

Benefits of look development software

The Media & Entertainment Collection’s look development software helps VFX artists enhance creative efforts and save time.

optimize workflow

Optimize workflow

Optimized workflows and reduced turnaround times between versions make it easy to manage traditionally labor-intensive tasks.

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Robust toolsets

Robust toolsets

Access powerful tools in one package for every stage of production to bring your creative visions to life.

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Efficient processing

Efficient processing

With GPU-based rendering, artists can quickly denoise images, preview lighting, and uncover issues to accelerate timelines.

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Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

VFX teams can work in parallel, sharing look development work while keeping style and design consistent throughout any project.

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Using the Media & Entertainment Collection for lighting and look development

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Media & Entertainment Collection

The Arnold 5-pack comes with the Media & Entertainment Collection, bundling multiple subscriptions to maximize your studio’s look development capabilities.

Relevant software in the collection for look development

Global illumination rendering software

3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software for film, games, and TV

3D modeling, animation, and rendering software for games and design visualization

Look development resources

Iterate quickly with Arnold

See how Arnold Render View makes look development seamless, with fast, progressive refinement tools that are easy to learn and use.



Interactive and flexible rendering

Learn how the Arnold Operator framework leads to more efficient, interactive rendering workflows for overrides, shader assignments, and look development transfer.


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Look development frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What types of look development (3d, 2d, etc) are supported in the Media & Entertainment Collection?

The robust software in the Media & Entertainment Collection allows your team to produce sophisticated effects at scale in 2D and 3D.

How can the Media & Entertainment Collection improve productivity for look development artists?

The Media & Entertainment Collection allows you to scale your workflow with automation and accelerate manual steps to boost productivity. It makes managing large asset collections simple and helps artists focus on creativity and allows them to explore different looks instead of logistics.

Does Autodesk software offer customizable interface views for look development?

The customizable interface views built into the Media & Entertainment Collection allow you to create custom user interfaces to design the perfect working environment.