Drafting software and programs

AutoCAD professional design and drafting software is used in architecture, construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

What is drafting software?

Drafting software replaces the paper, pencil, T-squares, and eraser crumbs of a previous generation with a computer screen and a mouse. With it, designers can create technical documentation for products, buildings, and structures quickly and easily, and focus more on concept and creativity, instead of computation and clutter.

How is drafting software used?

Electrical drawing

Discover specialized toolsets for creating electrical drawings with AutoCAD professional design and drafting software.

Making blueprint drawings

Produce blueprint designs and drawings for creating a building, part, product, and more.

Landscape design

Landscape architects and designers can build 2D and 3D technical drawings of planting designs, hardscape, topography and more.

Architectural drawing

Whether it’s a concept drawing, site drawing or structural drawing, use Autodesk software to bring your architectural illustrations to life.

Autodesk's best-selling drafting software

2D and 3D CAD tools, with enhanced insights, AI-automations, and collaboration features. Subscription includes AutoCAD on desktop, web, mobile, and seven specialized toolsets.

Best-in-class tool for 2D CAD drafting, drawing, and documentation. Subscription includes AutoCAD LT on desktop, web, and mobile.

AutoLISP is now available with AutoCAD LT

Use AutoLISP in AutoCAD LT to streamline workflows and enforce CAD standards through automation.

AutoCAD drafting tutorials

Get started with AutoCAD

Learn about the fundamentals of drafting in AutoCAD with these guides and videos.

Tips for AutoCAD users

Discover the latest collection of favorite time-saving AutoCAD tips.

Guide to AutoCAD Basics

Uncover your guide to the basic commands that you need to create 2D drawings using AutoCAD LT.

Drafting software in action

London’s national theater

The perfect platform to make theatrical magic

Project draftsman Oli Cooper uses AutoCAD to produce precise yet organic set designs.

Image courtesy of Oli Cooper.


Creating a sustainable garden setting with AutoCAD

Landscape-design firm uses AutoCAD to help with sustainable landscape design of a unique space at Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco.

Image courtesy of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.


Creating and integrating designs with precision

Artist and draftsman Benjamin Pratt uses AutoCAD LT to sketch concepts before transferring them to the canvas.

Courtesy of Benjamin Pratt

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