Robot programming software for manufacturing

Discover how the collaboration between humans and robots is making a big impact on the manufacturing, architecture, and construction industries.

Image courtesy of KUKA Robotics

Robotics and the Future of Making Things

In the not-too-distant future, robots and humans will work side by side to accomplish things neither could achieve on their own. Maurice Conti, director of Applied Research and Innovation at Autodesk, gives his perspective on the future of robotics.

Manufacturing with robots

RAMLAB has a pair of six-axis robotic arms for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing on demand

Port of Rotterdam’s RAMLAB and Autodesk collaborate to pioneer on-demand additive manufacturing for ship repair.

Mimus is an industrial robot programmed to explore and roam

Meet Mimus, the curious robot

Mimus is an industrial robot that has no preplanned movements. Instead, it is programmed with the freedom to explore and roam about its enclosure.

Autonomous 3D-printing robots

Dutch 3D-printing technology firm MX3D is 3D printing a fully functional, intricate steel bridge over water in Amsterdam using industrial multi-axis robots.

A generatively designed pillar of limestone was robotically carved

Generative Design Pavilion

CNC milling, robotic fabrication, and traditional hand-carving workflows were used to build the limestone base of the Generative Design Pavilion.

Customer stories

World’s first 3D-printed yacht built with robotic additive manufacturing

Livrea builds 3D-printed yacht

By connecting cloud design and robotic additive manufacturing, Sicilian boat builders Livrea have made huge strides in building the first 3D-printed yacht. The company has successfully 3D printed the yacht’s hull using advanced, multimaterial, polymer composites. 

Speeding up production for global attractions

Merlin Magic Making

The creative team at Merlin Magic Making produces attractions for theme parks such as LEGOLAND, Madame Tussauds, and the London Eye. The team uses a robot to mechanize its production and speed up delivery times.

Eva the robotic arm used for manufacturing

ACWA-Robotics takes robots underground

Trying to monitor pipe conditions and predict potential maintenance or failures has been next to impossible—until now. ACWA-Robotics designs, develops, and manufactures autonomous robots for the mapping and inspection of drinking water networks.

Robotics in manufacturing trends

Manufacturing and industrial robots

Deciphering Industry 4.0

Autodesk and KUKA Robotics discuss how new digital technologies are changing manufacturing, and what these new technologies can do for smaller companies.

Automation is changing manufacturing

Cobots: Intuitive co-workers

Improving the safety of robotic systems will lead to greater human-robot collaboration.

Sensing robots will make manufacturing faster

Smart manufacturing technology

Learn how robotics, customization, and technologies that connect data to the factory floor is changing manufacturing.

Robotics and connectivity is changing manufacturing

Transforming generative design

Learn how the things that have limited us in the past, software, materials, manufacturing methods - no longer do so.

Collaborative research projects

SYMPLEXITY is a collaborative project to develop new human-robot solutions for industrial manufacturing.

The LASIMM project is developing large, flexible, all-in-one machines on a scalable framework for hybrid (additive and subtractive) manufacturing.

HyProCell uses laser-based additive and subtractive manufacturing, enabling machine interaction to optimize workflow and data handling.

PowerMill CAM software for robotics

PowerMill software provides powerful, flexible, easy-to-use tools for offline programming of robots. Get tools to help you optimize robotic paths and simulate virtual mock-ups of manufacturing cells and systems.