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Capture your vision freely and efficiently with on-set production software used by leading film and TV professionals.

Camera operator discussing new content with director during on-set production.

Your vision, captured.

Filmmakers see the world differently. Where some just see words on a page, you envision your next masterpiece - meticulously crafted with intricate sets, talented actors, precise lighting, captivating camera angles, and hours of dailies.  

From Hollywood blockbusters to indie breakouts, TV shows, and commercials, Autodesk's Design and Make Platform can help you keep on-set productions moving, connect creative teams, and bring your vision from script to screen.

Solutions for on-set production's toughest challenges

Camera crew filming on location during on-set production.

Expand for any production, securely

Look under the hood and you'll find that our film production software is built to manage the digital workflow for your productions - of any size and complexity. Flow Capture’s best-in-class security features are trusted by the biggest studios in the entertainment industry. They include DRM, screeners, and access control for enhanced protection for viewing, sharing, and editing.

Man reviews video footage in studio.

Never compromise on quality or your vision

Deliver top-quality results with powerful and versatile tools for creative collaboration and color review. With Flow Capture, what you shoot is what you see. Unmatched color review capabilities powered by Dolby Vision® and HRD10 deliver a wider range of color detail, and exceptional brightness, color, and contrast performance.  


Read how Flow Capture’s color accuracy is integral to delivering quality pictures at London-based postproduction house, The Finish Line.


Image courtesy of The Finish Line

Film crew capturing first responders.

Expedite creative iteration across your team

Edit, cut, and review with your team in real-time, no matter where they are located. With Flow Capture Rooms, you can seamlessly share live streams and review uploaded assets in a single cloud-based environment.


Learn how freelance Co-Executive Producer Malia Marshall uses Autodesk on-set production software to expedite reviews and tell the heroic stories of first responders.

Image courtesy of 44 Blue Productions

Cloud-based workflows help on-set production teams deliver magic

Shot from "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" showing three boats sailing through a fantasy landscape.

“Only by working together with...creative technology leaders like Autodesk can we bring the next-generation studio to life. We do this because the ‘next-generation studio’ is all about one simple idea—creating magic at scale.”

— Eric Iverson, Head of Product Strategy, Amazon Studios

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The future of production with Autodesk Flow

Autodesk Flow will connect people, workflows, and data across the entire production lifecycle from on-set production to final delivery. Harnessing the power of an open ecosystem, open standards, and connected data, Flow will help studios collaborate more efficiently, optimize resource planning, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and creativity.

How global teams are using Autodesk on-set production software

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Connecting creative workflows in the cloud helps scale global production

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set thousands of years before the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The production ecosystem behind the series, however, leapt far ahead, as one of the first to use cloud production from start to finish.

Three people walking through neon-lit alley.

Solving creative challenges with remote film production software

Postproduction supervisor Cameron Angeli is always looking for new ways to solve creative challenges. Learn how adopting cloud workflows has opened up a world of possibilities for his team.

Cowboy Bebop, Image courtesy of Netflix

Two people discussing film footage during on-set production.

The digital pipeline: A massive leap forward for image quality

Cinematographer Jaron Presant shares the unique problems cloud-based workflows can help solve for on-set production, including his recent work on the Apple TV+ show Mr. Corman.

Image courtesy of Apple

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is on-set production?

On-set production, also known as principal photography, is the phase of producing a film or television show following pre-production and preceding post-production, where the majority of shooting occurs. This is the stage where actors are on set, lights are positioned, call sheets are distributed, and cameras are ready to begin filming. On-set production can take place in a studio or at an actual location, and takes anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on the scale of the project.

What types of software are commonly used on set?

On-set production teams rely on a variety of tools to streamline the production process and facilitate effective collaboration across team members. Production management software plays a key role by fostering team communication, and efficiently coordinating workflows and tasks. Asset management capabilities allow studios to organize and easily access video footage, audio files, and graphics. Real-time review solutions stream footage and metadata to the cloud, allowing crews and stakeholders to collaborate across sets and locations.


One notably popular software used in digital filmmaking today is Flow Capture. This powerful cloud-based solution facilitates asset management, creative review, and cloud collaboration, contributing to a more streamlined film production process. Beyond enhancing efficiency in the creative process, Flow Capture also prioritizes security with features such as watermarking, MPAA compliance, and comprehensive digital rights management.

How does on-set production software contribute to post-production workflows?

With Autodesk Flow Capture, on-set production teams can shorten timeframes by engaging with postproduction teams in real time. On-set teams can stream live feeds from set securely with key stakeholders anywhere inside the postproduction pipeline. This allows postproduction teams to review footage, provide feedback, flag concerns, and even start visual effects work before a film shoot has wrapped.

What is production management in film and TV?

Film and TV production involves a large volume of media assets, including video footage, audio files, and graphics. Production management solutions help organize and manage these assets, making it easier for teams to find the materials they need. It also assists with effective resource planning and facilitates collaboration among team members, even when spread across different continents and time zones.