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From planning to building to operating, manufacturing optimization is a never-ending journey. But no matter the problem, good engineering paired with the right technology will always help.

Uncover new approaches for driving efficiency

The world of manufacturing is changing rapidly. From a world of silos to one of collaboration across disciplines. From a physical world to one built on data, virtual reality (VR), and digital twins. From a world of lumbering assembly lines to one of agile, smart factories. It's a world that will require new ways of planning. New ways of production. New ways of operating.

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Build efficiency into everything

As factory operations continue to evolve, legacy systems, tools and processes are struggling to keep up. Leading organizations are building more modern operations on a foundation of connected data—to optimize factory design, increase manufacturing throughput, and improve manufacturing flexibility.

Remove boundaries to innovation

At the operational level, manufacturing innovation is all about process. How can you get to market faster? How can you eliminate processes that don’t add value? Leading organizations are leaning into data, digital twins, and other modern approaches to innovate in ways that save time and reduce cost.

Plan and react with agility and purpose

Increasing competition is driving a rise in complexity for factory planning, design, and operations. Leading organizations understand the need to improve both their proactive and reactive approaches—from new ways to reduce costs, to methodologies that account for unplanned closures, to workflows that improve the overall handover process.

Balance between quality and cost

Top manufacturing leaders recognize the ways good quality control can impact their business—improving customer satisfaction, reducing margin erosion, and increasing brand competitiveness. To that end, they rely on robust product simulation, testing, and prototyping to understand quality before they invest in expensive manufacturing processes.

Solutions for production engineering

Factory design

Bring order to your factory. Combine 2D and 3D CAD into powerful new workflows that help you optimize your factory design to support efficiency, throughput, and quality during manufacturing process development.

CAD for machine design

Accelerate machine design and manufacturing and get your best ideas to market more efficiently. Purpose-built tools and workflows help you improve product development agility, increase innovation capacity, and expand offerings.

BIM for manufacturers

Work more effectively with building, infrastructure, and other customers who rely on BIM. One connected ecosystem can help you improve collaboration, reduce costly errors, and get your products specified in more projects.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Keep everyone on the same page with a single source of data. Multi-CAD integrations help teams improve collaboration, accelerate development agility and time to market, and provide transparency into your supply chain.

Equipment Installation

Simplify handoffs and get to market faster. By working around a shared digital model, you can maintain data integrity and transparency—from architects and contractors to factory planners, production planners, and operators.

Digital twin for factory

Predict and optimize product performance, before you go into manufacturing. Virtual representations of a real-world product or asset—with continuous, real-time data—can help you streamline product development and increase ROI.

Solutions for manufacturing engineering

Manufacturing efficiency

Transform the way you approach manufacturing with automation, collaboration, and interoperability. One single, fully extensible cloud solution is all you need to create better products, increase innovation, and win more business.

CNC machining

Accelerate your CNC machining processes with professional-grade CAM software. The automated, high-quality machine code in Fusion 360 can help you modernize your processes and connect your teams—all on a single platform.

Production planning

Take control of your production processes with advanced digital planning tools. With solutions for all levels of production, you can unlock more efficient resource planning, improve manufacturing flexibility, and increase throughput.

Nesting and fabrication

Create optimized and associative multi-sheet nested layouts for production. Optimize material yield and reduce waste with automatic detection of material, thickness, and part quantity.

Tracking and traceability

Real time visibility into resource management, worker and machine availability, and finished-product traceability provides opportunity to increase throughput, reduce waste, and improve quality.

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Data & insights

Breaking down barriers in factory design


Discover how manufacturers are breaking down silos in tools, data, and collaboration for factory planning and construction.


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Partnerships for a robust manufacturing ecosystem

Autodesk partners with industry leaders to develop deeper software and hardware integrations, helping our customers differentiate with data, expand on capabilities, and automate time-consuming processes.

Simulation software


The ProModel for AutoCAD App helps production engineers optimize factory design right from the start. Build spatially accurate layouts and process simulation models at the same time. Simulate the scaled model directly in AutoCAD. Make, test and validate layout and process changes, then finalize the model and view it all in 3D.

Manufacturing software

Haas Automation

Haas Automation and Autodesk have teamed up to streamline manufacturing workflows, reducing the time needed for CAM programming with the integration of extensive libraries of machine models, post processors, and tooling databases. The Haas add-in enables Fusion 360 users to experience instant-on connectivity with their Haas machines and efficient productivity by reading data directly from the machine and allowing NC code to be directly transferred.

Manufacturing software


Autodesk and Renishaw offer enhanced solutions to effectively manage product quality on the shop floor.In-process measurement enables manufacturers to make real-time adjustments to their processes, improving efficiency and reducing waste. Collecting data on production quality throughout the manufacturing process can identify areas for improvement, allowing processes to be optimized to produce higher-quality products more efficiently.

Keep improving your manufacturing with Autodesk

Autodesk design and manufacturing solutions adapt to your needs with a wide range of capabilities that provide cross-discipline, cross-industry, interoperable workflows that support your processes. When you're ready, talk to us about helping you solve your most interesting manufacturing challenges.