Autodesk Forma: Making the right decisions in the planning phase has never been easier

Available as part of the AEC Collection or as a standalone subscription.

Why use Autodesk Forma?

Become a data-driven architect

Improve design quality with a range of real-time analyses including wind, solar, daylight, and embodied carbon.

Free up valuable time

With automations and contextual data at your fingertips, you can model complex 3D design concepts in minutes.

Upgrade your schematic design workflow

Quickly onboard to Forma and fluidly move to detailed design with Revit, Rhino, and Dynamo integrations.

Latest Forma features and news


Combining the power of Autodesk Forma and Revit

Maximize the performance of your conceptual design studies with interoperability. 


Forma’s new Embodied Carbon Analysis

Easily understand the carbon impact of your early design decisions.


Introducing the flexible House tool

How Forma’s House tool simplifies the creation of low-density housing.

Carbon Analysis in Forma, Revit, and Insight (video: 4:27 mins)

Make sustainability a business driver

Become a sustainability ambassador and better meet your client and stakeholder expectations on environmental and living qualities with our extensive suite of environmental impact analyses.

Tutorial on performing analysis and visual comparisons in Autodesk Forma (video: 6:10 mins.)

Onboard to Forma in just a few hours

Forma is easy to use regardless of technical background. With a dedicated help center, regular webinars, learning resources, and an active community, you can learn the way that suits you.

What you can do with Autodesk Forma

Set up a geolocated project with real-world data

Create geolocated projects with relevant contextual data to use as a launch pad for new BIM projects. 


Develop early concepts for capacity studies

Conduct initial massing studies to assess compliance with requirements and inform your design process. 


Assess and compare building performance

Assess building performance and environmental qualities. Compare design alternatives and make informed decisions. 


Document insights and metrics

Document key metrics and project insights gained in the pre-design process to support initial delivery to the client. 


Integrate Forma into your existing schematic design workflow

Load Forma data into Revit and update Forma projects with Revit changes

Power up your design with the Dynamo Player Extension

Direct synchronization of geometry from Rhino to Forma

Save with Autodesk Forma in the AEC Collection*

The AEC Collection provides a cost-effective bundle of CAD, BIM, and cloud software for those who design, build, and make. Save big on Forma, Revit, AutoCAD, and more in the AEC Collection versus standalone.

*Compared with purchasing included products separately

Discover the power of Forma in the AEC Collection

Video: Using the Forma add-in with Revit

Connect your BIM to data-driven design

Connect your design workflow from Forma to Revit and back again, from desktop to cloud.

Video: Demonstrating how to use Autodesk Forma to improve site studies

Revolutionize your site planning

Win more projects by rapidly studying your sites with real-time key figures and design tools.

Go further with Autodesk Forma's APIs and extensions

Customize Forma by creating your own extensions or use a growing library of third-party extensions.

Run your first analysis in Autodesk Forma now

Available as part of the AEC Collection or as a standalone subscription.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk Forma?

The Autodesk Forma in-market offering is the first set of capabilities of the industry cloud for AEC. Forma provides powerful yet easy-to-use AI-powered tools to architects and designers working in pre-design and schematic design. Available as part of the AEC Collection or as a standalone subscription.

Who uses Autodesk Forma?

Anyone who is involved in pre-design and schematic design can use Forma. Whether you’re an architect, urban planner, or real estate developer, Autodesk Forma helps you make the right decisions during the planning phase.

How is Autodesk Forma different from Autodesk Platform?

The Autodesk Platform consists of industry clouds and a set of common, cloud-based services that will provide a single environment that connects the tools, data, and capabilities you and your partners need at every phase of a project.


Autodesk has released the Autodesk Forma in-market offering, an initial set of capabilities of the AEC industry cloud for pre-design and schematic design. 

What is the pricing and availability of Autodesk Forma?

The price of an Autodesk Forma subscription is monthly, annually, or for 3 years.


Autodesk Forma is also available through the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection. The price of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection subscription is monthly, annually, or for 3 years. Please visit the AEC Collection to learn more.

How do I log into Autodesk Forma?

If you have an active AEC Collection or standalone subscription, you can log into Forma with your Autodesk account. Login to Forma here.


Not a subscriber? You may be eligible for a free trial.


Are you a student or educator? Get free software for students and educators.

How do I convert my Autodesk Forma free trial to a paid subscription?

Buy Autodesk Forma here. When buying your subscription, enter the same email address and password combination you used to sign in to your trial. Learn more about converting a trial to a paid subscription.


Forma is also included in the AEC Collection software bundle. Learn more.

How secure is Autodesk Forma?

Visit the Autodesk trust center to understand how we build trust, secure your assets, respond to security incidents, and protect your data.

How does Autodesk Forma connect with other Autodesk products and external applications?

Autodesk Forma has import/export support for a range of AEC software, including support for IFC and OBJ, as well as connections to Revit, Dynamo, and Rhino.

In which locations does Autodesk Forma offer automated data?

Available data sources vary across from country to country. You can find a breakdown of what is available in your market here.

How does Spacemaker relate to Autodesk Forma?

On May 8, 2023, we released the Forma in-market offering, which combined many of Spacemaker’s AI and predictive analytics capabilities for early-stage architectural design and urban planning with many of FormIt's conceptual modeling tools. We’ve also added new capabilities such as expanded data availability and new analyses.


With many Spacemaker capabilities now available in Forma, we have retired the Spacemaker software, and existing subscribers were migrated to Forma.

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