Agile Product Development Software

Agile product development with Autodesk helps you explore ideas and incorporate customer feedback while reducing your time to market.

What is agile product development?

Agile product development is a collaborative and iterative process, to design successful products productively.

Autodesk supports Agile product design with Fusion 360. Improve collaboration and accelerate time to market.

Agile adoption in consumer product design

Can agile help product development companies increase design capacity while maintaining design process quality?

Download the Agile Adoption in the Consumer Product Industry Study and discover the impact of ‘Agile’ on consumer product design.

What can you do with agile product development?

Agile product development helps you support your customer's needs, and improve your customer's experience of your products and brand with more confidence of success.

The Agile Methodology

Agile product development helps teams to divide up tasks to suit capacity and learn each other’s skill sets. Agile prioritizes flexibility, cross-team collaboration, and frequent feedback from customers.


Respond to challenges and opportunities

Autodesk product design software helps connect your team and data to prevent the frustration caused when file sharing between point products - helping your team implement an Agile approach.


Reduce Risk

Agile empowers your team to tackle challenges and solve problems through real-time collaboration on a single source of data, helping you reach your end goal sooner. Reducing risk and getting to market with less time and effort wasted.


Benefits of agile product development

Agile product development allows your business to rapidly develop new products that align with your customers' needs, and values – ahead of your competition.


Smoothy adjust priorities with Agile. Customers, colleagues, and suppliers identify risks and opportunities earlier, before change becomes expensive.

Improve product performance

Manufacturing aware design & simulation tools help balance customer need with manufacturing feedback to ensure a successful product.

Streamline productivity

CAD, CAM, & simulation use a single model, reducing hand-offs between colleagues. Integrated, cloud-hosted PLM automates your audit trail.

Time to market

The Agile process improves productivity, helping you move confidently and quickly to market, staying ahead of your competitors.

Cloud-based 3D CAD / CAM / CAE / PCB software for product design.

Automate complex geometry to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your products.

Apply process management to drawings and designs. Execute change orders, release management, automated part numbering, and bill of materials management.

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Agile Product Development FAQs

What is agile product development used for?

Agile product development is a method used to help build products that answer your customers' needs. Through fast iterations, including stakeholder and feedback, you can improve the product with each fast feedback cycle, guiding you to a successful design.

What is agile development example?

An example of agile development would be scrum: a process framework that helps teams and organizations work through problems together. Through the scrum process: your team members are encouraged to learn through their experience and allow trial and error. Throughout the process, team members can reflect on what went wrong and what didn't, so they can always be improving.

Why agile is good for product development?

Agile is good for product development for two main reasons: flexibility and a customer-first mentality. With agile, you never need to slow down. You work through the feedback to get to a solution that works for you and your customers. This means you can tackle changes early in development and go to market quicker. With the right software, you'll be able to unify the development process and take your efforts to the next level.

What are the stages of agile product development?

There are five stages of agile product development. Review, test, build, design, and launch. Team members will go through this cycle several times, with the goal in mind to perfect the product through real-time feedback and trial and error. Every time they cycle through the stages, they can look for a new way to improve the product and the customer experience.

What Autodesk software supports agile product development?

Fusion 360 unifies design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing into a single software platform that is easy to use and manage. You'll no longer need to struggle with manual electronic workflows or ancient, interchangeable file formats.


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