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Revit subscriptions and license information

With a Revit subscription, you can design and visualize buildings and infrastructure in 3D with precision, collaborate seamlessly across project teams, and stay up-to-date with the latest Revit versions and features.

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Buy and subscribe to Revit
Subscription plans allow teams of any size to access the latest version Revit. Image courtesy of BNIM.

Where can I buy or subscribe to Revit?

An Autodesk Revit subscription is a flexible way to access the latest version with lower upfront costs and the option to pay monthly or annually. Individuals and smaller teams can buy a standard subscription online. Medium to extra-large teams can purchase premium and enterprise plans by contacting Autodesk or authorized resellers.

When purchasing Revit, you can select a plan and subscription duration that aligns with your requirements. Choose the Flex option, where you pay on a usage basis, or explore financing alternatives that offer additional payment flexibility for eligible businesses. Effortlessly handle your subscription details within your Autodesk Account and discover potential cost savings when you renew.

How much does a Revit subscription cost?

A standard Autodesk Revit subscription costs /paid monthly, /paid annually, or /paid for a 3-year term. Medium, large, and extra-large teams can contact Autodesk or an authorized reseller to explore subscription options.

Revit can also be purchased in the Autodesk AEC Collection. The AEC Collection integrates BIM and CAD tools like Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD with a cloud-based data environment. It unlocks workflows for designers, engineers, and contractors, and costs /paid monthly, /paid annually, or /paid for a 3-year term.

What are the benefits of a Revit subscription?

Screen of a 3D model within Autodesk Revit 2024

Latest updates and versions

Revit subscribers can access the latest versions and incremental updates immediately upon release, ensuring they consistently are working with cutting-edge tools and features. Revit subscribers receive notifications about available product updates through the Autodesk Access app or the Check for Updates function in the Revit help menu. Users can also download updates directly from their Autodesk account portal. Keeping Revit updated is crucial for accessing new features, enhancing performance and stability, and addressing security vulnerabilities, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Screen of a 3D rendering and floor plan within Autodesk Revit 2024

Advanced tools and features

Revit offers many top capabilities for subscribers that significantly enhance the design and collaboration process. Its robust modeling feature uses parametric components, ensuring real-time updates across project views, and expediting design intent. The built-in analysis extensions cover a broad spectrum, analyzing energy use, daylighting, structural forces, and more, empowering users to make informed design decisions. Revit’s visualization tools enable users to refine details, test materials, and seamlessly translate visions from screen to reality. The integration with Twinmotion, included in the subscription, allows the creation of stunning visuals and immersive VR experiences. Collaboration is streamlined through Revit’s worksharing, aggregating team contributions into a central file and synchronizing updates. Additionally, Revit facilitates customized workflows by offering automation with Dynamo, exploration of innovative solutions through generative design, and access to its API for developing custom applications, providing a comprehensive and tailored user experience.

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Technical support

The Revit knowledge base offers troubleshooting and how-to articles to help resolve issues. Autodesk agents are available for additional support. The level of technical support varies across different subscription plans, with options tailored to meet users’ diverse needs. Revit users can access detailed help documentation by pressing the F1 key in-product. For the Education plan, troubleshooting can be done independently or through community forums and knowledge bases. The Standard plan offers web and email assistance from Autodesk specialists and users can submit support tickets for priority responses. The Premium plan extends support through online chats with agents and scheduled phone calls.

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Access to cloud services

Some subscription plans, notably the Autodesk AEC CollectionAutodesk BIM Collaborate Pro (formerly Autodesk BIM360), and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, complement Revit capabilities with BIM workflows enhanced by Autodesk cloud services. Revit Cloud Worksharing, available to Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro and Autodesk Construction Cloud subscribers, supports publishing Revit models to the cloud for better collaboration, ensuring project teams can access the latest model data anywhere, anytime. Shared models in the cloud improve collaboration for multi-disciplinary project teams, so that architecture, MEP, structural engineering, and all relevant project stakeholders can better model, share, and coordinate design intent. Revit Cloud Worksharing enables users to track changes to the model in real-time, improve clash detection, and execute project deliverables more efficiently, all while avoiding rework and streamlining project communication within the cloud-hosted project environment.


For AEC Collection subscribers, Autodesk Docs is Autodesk’s common data environment for AEC project teams. Autodesk Docs supports document and data sharing and management with tools and workflows that improve design coordination by making it easier to link, exchange, aggregate, and update model and project data within multi-disciplinary project teams.


Revit subscribers at every level (excluding Revit LT) can use Autodesk Insight to design more energy-efficient buildings and reach sustainability goals with whole-building carbon and energy analysis.

Subscribe to Revit software

Plan, design, construct, and manage buildings with powerful tools for Building Information Modeling.

Simplified 3D BIM tool for producing 3D architectural designs and documentation

Autodesk Payment Options

Purchase Autodesk products your way via our eStore, sales team and authorized partners. Choose between monthly, annual and 3-year subscriptions. Alternatively, check out our flexible payment scheme, for consumption-based software access that allows you to use any product whenever you need to on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We make it easy for you to buy an Autodesk subscription by offering three options: buy online, buy with our expert sales team, or buy with a certified Autodesk Partner. All purchases are secure and come with our money-back guarantee.  Financing is also available for qualified buyers.


Select a subscription plan that best fits your individual or company needs. Each plan has a different level of security, reporting, automation, and support features.

Autodesk Flex is the perfect solution for occasional use and special projects. Purchase Flex tokens to access eligible products for a 24-hour period and explore new design products without committing to a long-term contract.

Revit subscription and license frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Learn more about Revit subscriptions with these top questions frequently asked by users.

Can I buy Revit without a subscription?

You cannot buy Revit without a subscription. Autodesk software is only available as a subscription. Learn more about the benefits of an Autodesk Revit subscription.

How do I renew my expired Revit license?

After your Revit subscription expires, you cannot renew it. To purchase a new Revit subscription online, visit the Revit product page.

Will my Revit software stop working if I don’t renew my subscription?

When your Revit subscription expires, you can no longer access your software or cloud services. However, you can still view and share your projects using our free viewers.

Can I use my Revit subscription on multiple computers?

You can install single-user subscription licensed software on up to three computers. However, you can only sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. If you need to move Revit software to a new computer, you will need to deactivate it from the old computer first.

Is there a free Revit viewer?

You can view Revit files for free using Autodesk Viewer. Autodesk Viewer is a browser-based viewer for viewing and sharing Revit files (.rvt).

Is a Revit subscription free for students?

Educational access to Revit and Revit Generative Design is available for free for students and educators who confirm eligibility.

What is the price of Revit 2023, 2022, 2021, 2022, or 2019?

The price of an annual Revit subscription is and the price of a monthly Revit subscription is . Only the newest version of Revit is available for download. Current Revit version 2024 will open files from previous versions.

Will I have access to previous versions of Revit if I subscribe to the current version?

Yes. All maintenance plans and subscriptions (including education and commercial licenses) are eligible for previous version rights as long as they are listed on the applicable subscription or maintenance plan list. Read more about previous version rights.

Where can I get a Revit perpetual license?

As of January 2016, Autodesk stopped selling new perpetual licenses. In May 2017, we stopped selling maintenance plans. All Autodesk software is available to buy as a subscription on a plan.


Learn more about our software licensing options.

Where can I get a Revit personal license for single-user use?

You can buy a Revit personal license for single-user use online, by phone (1-844-351-6770), or from an authorized reseller.

Where can I get a Revit multi-user license?

Autodesk no longer sells new Revit subscriptions with multi-user access. Read about our trade-in offers for multi-user subscribers, as well as standalone maintenance and network maintenance.

How do I manage users and permissions within my Autodesk Account for Revit?

To manage users and permissions in Autodesk Account for Revit:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Select User Management.
  3. Choose By User.
  4. Click Invite Users.
  5. Enter the required details for individual user addition. For bulk addition, create a CSV file with up to 5,000 users and upload it under the Import tab.

To assign product access to users:

  1. Select User Management.
  2. Select By Product.
  3. Choose a product.
  4. Click Assign Users to add users.

To remove users:

  1. Select User Management.
  2. Select By User.
  3. Choose a user.
  4. Click the Remove User icon.
  5. Confirm the removal in the prompted window.

These steps streamline the user management and access control process for Autodesk Revit.

What happens to my data if I cancel my Revit subscription?

If you cancel your Revit subscription, you will still have access to view your project files on your device using a free Autodesk viewer. However, you may lose access to any cloud storage that was granted by the subscription after 30 days.

Are there different tiers or types of Revit subscriptions available?

Four different types of Revit subscriptions are available: Standard, Premium, Enterprise, and Education. The Standard plan is included with every Revit subscription and can be purchased on a monthly, annual, or 3-year basis. The Premium plan is prepaid and available on either a 1-year or 3-year term. The Enterprise plan is designed for larger organizations and offers features like single sign-on (SSO) and product usage reporting with user-level details. The Education plan is available to students, educators, and academic institutions and provides access to the same features as the Standard plan. 


Autodesk Flex offers a pay-as-you-go option allowing users to pre-purchase tokens at varying increments for daily access to any eligible product, making it an ideal choice for individuals or team members seeking occasional or trial access.

Revit LT is a more cost-effective BIM solution that emphasizes architectural design and documentation. It offers many of the same capabilities as Revit, but doesn’t include worksharing, energy analysis capabilities, in-product rendering, MEP and structural modeling, or extensive customization.

How do I access technical support for Revit under my subscription?

To access technical support for Revit under your subscription, you can sign into your Autodesk account and browse self-service options for your product subscription, education, or trial software. Alternatively, you can contact Autodesk support by visiting

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