3D architectural visualization

Autodesk 3ds Max gives architects and designers advanced visualization tools to develop accurate, beautiful, and high-quality architectural designs.

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What is 3D architectural visualization?

Visually communicate your clients’ proposed designs and beautifully tell their story with realistic elements and details. The future of architectural design and 3D architectural visualization allows for projects to be designed, revised, and refined in real time prior to building. This helps eliminate unnecessary costs and time spent on project changes, and also helps customers marketing their designs to potential buyers. Adding fine-tuned embellishments such as greenery, lighting, and people, bring an enriched and engaging experience to architecture and its surrounding landscape through 3D visualization.

Benefits of 3D architectural visualization

Technical to visual

3D visualization software translates technical drawing into a visual story, helping you communicate the project to customers, architects, and engineering teams.

Marketing a vision

Whether you’re attracting investors or buyers, architectural visualization allows your marketing material to convey an aspirational vision and attract prospects.

Test and validate

3D architectural visualization helps you to identify design flaws overlooked through conventional 2D techniques. Build life-like models, validate designs, and scale in real-time.

Benefits of 3ds Max in architectural visualization

Produce high-end imagery

Advanced modeling, texturing, and lighting tools in 3ds Max give you the freedom to create and deliver photo-real imagery, giving your customer a better experience of their future environment and investment.

Accommodate changes instantly

Project timelines are becoming increasingly shorter, and clients want everything faster. 3ds Max gives you the speed and flexibility to perform fast iterations and countless variations without starting from scratch.

Immerse clients in their space

Invite your clients to experience their designed environment both virtually and emotionally. 3ds Max 3D building visualization tools embellish down to the smallest detail, and when used with Unity, allows you to create real-time arch viz walkthroughs with ease.

Image courtesy of Osama Aly

Try 3ds Max

3ds Max puts powerful 3D capabilities into the hands of you, the design professional. Inspire, communicate, and sell your vision with detailed environments, architectural rendering, objects, and embellishments. Explore what 3ds Max can do for you.

See how architectural visualization is used


Savion Residence

A stunning 3D interior rendering by Serkan Çelik, an Istanbul, Turkey-based architect and February 2019’s Artist of the Month.

Image courtesy of Serkan Celik


Artfully communicating architecture

Brick Visual has developed a recognizably distinctive style in visual storytelling.

Image courtesy of Brick Visual


Wai Kin Lam

Watch the incredibly beautiful film Cahaya, winner of the Architectural 3D award for best film.

Image courtesy of Wai Kin Lam