Cloud-based production management software: Simplify complex productions

Build tomorrow’s production pipeline today with cloud-based production management software, the professional’s answer for streamlined planning, scheduling, budgeting, and creative review.

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Cloud-based production management software empowers remote collaboration and real-time reviews.

What is cloud-based production management software?

Cloud-based production management software unifies the efforts of entire media production teams in a centralized hub that accelerates the process of budgeting, scheduling, and tracking every step in complex projects. It also makes real-time, remote collaboration on planning and creative reviews easy.

Cloud-based production tools allow on-set teams to stream camera data directly to the cloud so post-production teams can access shots immediately.

Storytelling through cloud-based production management

Whether it’s for film and televisiongame development, advertising, or other media, cloud-based production management software connects the workflows of directors, producers, managers, artists, and other contributors to a single, unified source of truth. It automates many aspects of scheduling and budgeting, helping to eliminate manual work. It also centralizes all data in an open environment that integrates production processes and other creative software apps while maintaining tight data security.

MovieLabs’ 2030 Vision principles for streamlining the efficiency of media pipelines call for adopting cloud-based production software workflows because they intelligently automate the organization of nonlinear productions, which have become increasingly complex due to multiple locations, timelines, and studio vendors. Software like Autodesk Flow, built on Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform, will fit this industry mandate, connecting people, workflows, and data across the entire production lifecycle, from earliest concept to final delivery. Cloud-based production management software breaks down barriers throughout the production pipeline, so teams and studios can collaborate more efficiently.

With a cloud-based digital dailies and review tool like Autodesk Flow Capture (formerly Moxion), on-set teams can review pre-production data before a shoot begins and stream camera data directly to the cloud, making it available to editors and post-production teams almost instantaneously. Using a cloud-based production management tool like Autodesk Flow Production Tracking (formerly Shotgrid), visual effects teams can see shots, the latest edits, and all other relevant data in one place.

Having a common data environment streamlines the sharing of asset data from one application to another. Integrated scheduling, budgeting, and reporting capabilities help producers quickly grasp the downstream effect of changes in creative direction or resource allocation on a project’s timeline and other projects in the studio pipeline. From pre-production to the final edit, cloud-based production software supercharges your studio’s logistics so you can focus on your creative vision.

Benefits of cloud-based production management software

Peruse the bounty of organizational and collaborative advantages that will keep your projects running smoothly and efficiently.

Effortless collaboration

The right cloud-based production software includes media playback and review tools centralized in the cloud, so team members and clients can boost productivity by sharing files quickly, approving edits remotely, and alerting each other to the latest communications.


Manage time and budget better

Powerful tools in cloud-based production software help track deadlines with shot lists and calls sheets, as well as budget trackers that can monitor billable time and expenses.


Streamline scheduling and resource allocation

Cloud-based production software can automate or streamline the work of scheduling and monitoring progress. It helps allocate resources and tasks according to team members’ capabilities and availability, setting reminders and making organization easy with time-tracking tools.

See it all in one place

Through a palette of boards, charts, lists, and other process, task, and workflow views, cloud-based production management software lays out the entire project in one place for supreme visibility across managers, team members, and clients.


Integrate creative apps

The right cloud-based production software will further enhance productivity by integrating with your creative software and apps.


Secure your studio

Safeguard your intellectual property with security features such as digital watermarking, screeners, and access control for enhanced protection for viewing, sharing, and editing.


Autodesk software for cloud-based production management

A review and production tracking toolset for VFX, games, and animation teams

Scale your studio’s rendering and simulation capabilities, while equipping artists with powerful modeling and animation tools

Cloud-based post-production management customer stories

Cloud-based production still from commercial goat hang-gliding


World-class VFX in the cloud

Leveraging the scalability of the cloud and collaboration, Untold Studios has been able to tap into the world’s best talent and streamline the flow of information across projects, teams, and the studio–a crucial task as projects have expanded in size and complexity.


Image courtesy of Untold Studios

Cloud-based production still from trailer for The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power


Filmmaking on an industrial scale

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set thousands of years before the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The production ecosystem behind the series, however, leapt far ahead, as one of the first to use cloud production from start to finish.


Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Cloud-based production still of robot from Space Sweepers


Movie magic, dispersed

The Korean VFX studio behind ParasiteSpace Sweepers, and many other titles relies on Flow Production Tracking cloud-based production software to organize the work of hundreds of contributors worldwide, as well as digital character-creation tools like Autodesk Maya and Autodesk MotionBuilder.


Image courtesy of M83 Studio

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on cloud-based production management software

What is cloud-based production?

Cloud-based production connects data and workflows in a centralized production management hub, bridging the formerly divided creative and technical processes of media and entertainment production. This software brings new efficiencies to projects by optimizing multiple stages of the pipeline. For example, automated scheduling can assign optimally distributed tasks in minutes, whereas a person without the software may have needed weeks for scheduling work.


Besides greatly reducing manual tasks, cloud-based production software provides a scalable, remotely accessible collaboration platform for team members and clients to review footage, files, and other media in near real time.

What is an example of cloud-based production management software?

Autodesk Flow Production Tracking is a great example of cloud-based production management software. Creative studios using Flow Production Tracking can boost their productivity by setting up and tracking every step in the production process, customizing workflows, easily collaborating and reviewing media in one place, and integrating other essential creative software apps.

What is video production management?

Video production management is the process of organizing the teams and many tasks involved in producing video content for film, TV, advertising, and other media. This process benefits from dedicated video production management software, which can organize, track, and automate aspects of managing budgets, storyboards, shot lists, client reviews, and more.


With cloud-based video production management software, file sharing is particularly quick and easy, allowing teams to distribute and review media efficiently.

Can you manage post-production in the cloud?

Yes, you can manage post-production in the cloud with creative project management software, such as Flow Production Tracking, which scales to accommodate collaboration with as many team members in remote locations as you need. With cloud-based post-production software, you can schedule and track every task in the pipeline, collaborate remotely with media playback and review tools, and protect your IP with high-end security features.

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