Virtual production

Combine the real world with the digital world to accelerate your post pipeline.

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What is virtual production?

Blending game technology with traditional filmmaking methods, virtual production techniques allow directors to see live actors within the context of digital assets and environments. By mixing live footage and computer graphics, filmmaking is more agile and creative decisions are made in the moment, live and simultaneous with filming – hugely speeding up and streamlining the production process.

Virtual production techniques

The pandemic brought on a major shift in how virtual production, particularly using LED walls, was adopted by the industry – going from an emerging production technique used on a few innovative projects to a must-have for many productions worldwide looking to reduce on-site staff and accelerate post pipelines.


Early in the production process, filmmakers may combine digital assets and captured footage to communicate their creative and technical vision for a project.

Performance capture

Performance or motion capture involves recording an actor’s movement and facial expressions to animate digital models. This technique is often used when virtual characters need to interact in live-action environments.

Live LED walls

Increasingly, filmmakers are opting to project lighting and imagery onto LED screens behind physical sets. Using real-time technology, VFX can then be adjusted on the spot, allowing for quick creative decisions to be made. Due to the photorealism achieved with LED screens, expensive on-location shoots also become less of a requirement.

Maya for virtual production

Unreal Live Link for Maya makes it easy to stream animation data from Maya to Unreal Engine in real-time. Using the plugin, artists can work on character assets in Maya and see previews of their work reflected immediately in Unreal, as they iterate. In a virtual production setting, Unreal Live Link tightens the feedback loop, allowing filmmakers to make real-time decisions on set and quickly see changes in context.

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Accelerating creative workflows with Epic Games

Autodesk experts join forces with Epic Games in this joint session from GDC 2022 covering the latest updates to Unreal Live Link for Maya and how the updated Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid) and Unreal Engine integration drives seamless collaboration for artists across teams.

Relevant software for virtual production

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Virtual production resources


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