The Art of the Impossible

Industry pioneers, business leaders and bright young minds in the design and manufacturing sector share their stories of digital transformation. 

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The Art of the Impossible podcast explores how you can leverage technology, processes, and people to make the impossible possible. Experts from the world of design and manufacturing get together to discuss their perspectives on the challenges our industry faces, and share what they are doing to overcome them.



Episode 25

Northvolt: 3D Design at the Heart of a Sustainable Future

Northvolt champions sustainability through a genuine passion to drive change throughout the business. Asif speaks to Axel Save, Northvolt’s Factory Layout and Modelling Engineering Manager, about delivering change from the very core of a sustainable battery production business.


Rathbane Group

Episode 24

Rathbane Group: Digital Transformation and Change Management

Rathbane’s Jude McCann reflects on the transition to 3D and the implementation of a business systems team with responsibility for identifying innovation opportunities that improve design output as well as production and data efficiencies.


Bridgestone Tyres

Episode 23

Bridgestone Tyres: Unlocking the Potential of Smart Factories

Andy Warren, Senior Engineering Services Support Manager at Bridgestone Tyres Americas, discusses the potential behind Smart Factories, the challenges of the transformation process, and the lessons learned along the way.


Nijhuis Saur Industries

Episode 22

Nijhuis Saur Industries: Moving into 3D

3D design revolutionizes workflows and enhances communication. Join Ted Page, Nijhuis Saur Industries’ Head of Digital Design, in our podcast as we discuss the transition from 2D to 3D.


Episode 21

VisiConsult: The AI Revolution in Design & Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the next frontier of digital transformation, but how should businesses in the D&M sector harness this? Join our discussion with Lennart Schulenburg, CEO of VisiConsult.


Episode 20

dormakaba: Creating a Flourishing Data Ecosystem

The cornerstone of digital transformation is integration. But how can your systems work together, and what’s the impact on the business? In this episode, we seek the key to successful integrated solutions.

female engineer looking at project

Episode 19

Making Change Part of the Everyday

Unforeseeable changes have been rife in recent years. Instead of simply ‘coping’ with change, how do we leverage this to your company’s advantage and retain agility, making change an asset?

a female and a male engineer working together on a 3D model

Episode 18

Innovative Thinking in Manufacturing

To deliver the kind of product experience customers expect, innovation is a must. But, where to start? How can you do this effectively? And how does this help achieve sustainable, profitable growth?

Engineer standing behind 3D-model

Episode 17

Inside Out Disruption - Building a Culture of Innovation

Digital transformation is an important enabler of innovation, but company culture is what will create lasting change. Find out how to ingrain a culture of innovation into your business from day one.

person working on manifacturing of a solar panel

Episode 16

Championing Sustainability One Innovation at a Time

One of the biggest challenges of our age is climate change. But how can digital transformation facilitate sustainability? In this episode, we discuss how innovation can pave the way for a greener future.

Engineer looking at cords and servers

Episode 15

Bridging Data Access

The importance of data is well-known, but it can be hard to know how to use it effectively. In this discussion, our guests explore using data to develop change in an organization.

Person wearing Meta Quest glasses and holding controllers

Episode 14

The Extended Realities of Design

In the 20th century, architecture and design were transformed by digital tools. Now, they’re entering another digital revolution with extended reality. What does this mean for present and future design workflows?

3 engineers standing around a table with a computer and talking


Collaboration - the Key to a Better Tomorrow?

What is collaboration and how can businesses promote it? This episode looks at the importance of collaboration in design and manufacturing with both good and bad stories.


female engineer with safety goggles and hearing protection working behind a machine

Episode 12

Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

Asif Moghal welcomes Ilham Said, CEO and founder of Engineer 2 Engineer (E2E), and Richard Hagan, Managing Director of Crystal Doors to discuss the difference between customer experience and customer service.

Engineer working

Episode 11

Flexible Thinking Leads Flexible Manufacturing

While the Covid-19 pandemic has shown how quickly companies can shift, creating essential life-saving PPE equipment overnight, in today’s episode we get down to the nitty-gritty stuff around flexibility.

female engineer working on 3D manufacturing part

Episode 10

The Race to Sustainable Manufacturing

James Selka, CEO of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, and Denise Taylor, Director of Wylde Connections, discuss how companies can apply sustainability to the way we design, make and sell products.



Achieving More Through Automation

We are joined by Jocelyn Cole, Goods Lift General Manager for Penny Hydraulics, and the University of Warwick’s Dr. Simon Leigh to try to understand if we’re taking too narrow a view on the topic of automation.

Manufacturing machine

Episode 8

Rethinking Traditional Value Propositions

Join Charlotte Horobin, regional director for Make UK, and Ralf H. Komor, from Komor Interim Management, who discuss keeping abreast of changes as companies are digitalizing at unprecedented rates.

Construction site

Episode 7

Making Manufacturing Personal

In this episode, Dr Saeed Talebi, University of Birmingham, and Equitus Engineering Limited, Raam Shanker, talk about the cross-pollination of mass customization from the design and manufacturing industry into the construction industry.

Two people look at a model

Episode 6

The Future of Supply Chains

In this episode, transport and manufacturing expert Rachel Eade MBE and Managing Director of Playdale Playgrounds Barry Leahey MBE discuss what resilience looks like while exploring the full makeup of the supply chain beyond widgets and services.

Designer looking at a model


Education and Industry Working Together

Paul Perera, technology manager at myMaskFit, and Nicole Pellizzon, aeronautical engineer at Imperial College London discuss the transformational impact for why SMEs and universities should collaborate.

Designer looking at screen

Episode 4

Plugging the Digital Skills Gap and Building for Tomorrow

In this episode, we speak with Hobs Studio’s former 3D Tech Lead, Kadine James, and Managing Director of Hosokawa Micron, James Moore, about the digital skills gap in the design and manufacturing industry.

Engineer looking at screen

Episode 3

The Challenge of Innovation

Listen in as Matthew MacLennan, mechanical design engineer at Steve Vick International discusses what defines an innovative idea, and, more importantly, how to turn it into a business model.

Two people look at a design

Episode 2

Creating the Next Generation of Manufacturing Leaders

Join the conversation with Nick Hussey, CEO of The Manufacturer, and Jason Cole of Jonathan Lee Recruitment and learn how you can find the next generation of digitally empowered manufacturing leaders.

Man looking into screen


Powering Business Through Digital Transformation

In this episode, William Bridgman, Chairman at Warren Services, and Chris Greenough, CCO at SDE Technology share ideas about Digital Transformation and offer advice to those looking to start their own journey.

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