Nijhuis Saur Industries: Moving into 3D

Nijhuis Saur Industries: Moving into 3D

From technical drawings to visual walkthroughs, 3D in design has been a game changer on all levels. 3D visualisation enables more iterative and agile workflows, leading to more straightforward communication with internal and external stakeholders.


In the third episode of season three, we explore the move from 2D to 3D with Ted Page, Head of Digital Design at Nijhuis Saur Industries We delve into the challenges, potential blockers, and the opportunities that derive from the move between 2D to 3D.


Ted Page, Head of Digital Design, Nijhuis Saur Industries

Working his way up from an apprentice trainee technician versed in AUTOCAD in the civil and infrastructure industries to Head of Digital Design at Nijhuis Saur Industries, Ted Page has seen a comprehensive digital transformation in D&M in his 25+ year career. He now heads up Nijhuis Saur Industries UK digital design team – harnessing the best in 3D design, modelling, rendering and point cloud extraction technology. 

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