The Extended Realities of Design

The Extended Realities of Design

Virtual reality is no longer a science-fiction fantasy, and recently, it’s been growing in use in professional and industrial settings. But how are architecture and design firms taking advantage of this technology? In this episode, Asif Moghal speaks with Brendan Mullins, Associate & Architect at Stantec, and Craig Bunyan, Associate Director at Seymourpowell, to find out how Extended Reality (XR) is being implemented in workflows and what this means for their respective industries.


Brendan Mullins, Associate & Architect, Stantec

Brendan Mullins is a Senior Associate and Architect at Stantec in Los Angeles, currently working on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.


His specialties include 3D visualization, BIM management, space planning, team management, and code analysis. He also helps lead virtual reality (VR) development at Stantec. Brendan’s recent projects include the Hamad Medical City Master Plan in Doha (Qatar), the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building (Cleveland, Ohio), and the new San Ysidro Land Port of Entry at the Tijuana Border Crossing

Craig Bunyan, Associate Director, Seymourpowell

Craig Bunyan is an Associate Director and leads the creative technology team at Seymourpowell, a product design consultancy based in the UK.


After an undergraduate degree in product design, Craig completed an MPhil in 3D visualization theory. He has since worked with Seymourpowell for over 15 years, during which he has led the team in developing a number of XR projects including helping build the virtual reality (VR) software ‘Reality Works’. A recent project to design the interior of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft was developed and showcased in VR.

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