dormakaba: Creating a Flourishing Data Ecosystem

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dormakaba: Creating a Flourishing Data Ecosystem

One of the cornerstones of digital transformation is integration. Making systems work together efficiently so no data is lost is a challenge that all companies face in their journeys. How do you manage it internally and how does it affect other parts of the business? From recruitment to clients and the product itself, we explore how Alexander Bradfisch, Senior Vice President of EntriWorX at dormakaba, found the solution to this challenge, and how this new ecosystem transformed their business.


Alexander Bradfisch, Senior Vice President of EntriWorX, dormakaba

Alexander Bradfisch joined Dormakaba in 2020 to spearhead their EntriWorX ecosystem as Senior Vice President. With more than two decades of experience under his belt, Alexander oversees the project management of access solutions. Earlier in his career, he also held leadership roles at Glutz and Bosch Sicherheitssyteme.

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