Inside Out Disruption - Building a Culture of Innovation

Inside Out Disruption - Building a Culture of Innovation

Digital transformation is one of the most important enablers of innovation, but it’s not enough to create a lasting impact. The willingness and awareness to innovate and keep learning have to be ingrained in the company culture in order for businesses to keep thriving and evolving with the times. In this episode, we are joined by Kim Dabbs, Global VP of Social Innovation at Steelcase, and Dylan Horvath, Founder & President of Cortex Design. We’ll be discussing how company culture can be a facilitator of innovation.


Kim Dabbs, Global VP of Social Innovation at Steelcase

Kim Dabbs is a change agent and advocate who is the Global VP of Social Innovation at Steelcase. She has a passion for building cultures of belonging and is leveraging that mindset as she partners with organizations leading transformational change projects around the world. Her personal experience and professional history focuses on helping leaders, organizations and communities with the tools to design cultures of belonging to create a more equitable and inclusive world.

Dylan Horvath, Founder & President of Cortex Design

With a background in mechanical engineering, Dylan founded Cortex Design more than 20 years ago. His areas of expertise include Empathy-led Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & PCB Design, Embedded Firmware and Quality & Regulatory Services. Dylan is a board member of Association for Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) and Director of Industry Relations.

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