Making Manufacturing Personal

What can the construction industry learn from mass customization in the manufacturing industry?

In this episode of the podcast, Dr Saeed Talebi, Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University, and Founder of Equitus Engineering Limited, Raam Shanker, talk about the cross-pollination of mass customization from the design manufacturing industry into the construction industry. 


Dr Saeed Talebi Bio

Dr Saeed Talebi is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University. His current research interest is in the areas of dimensional tolerance management, condition monitoring of infrastructure, and platform design using technologies such as 3D scanning, UAV, thermography, BIM, and AI. Bringing the practical experience of working on a number of projects, he is researching and helping teams manage the interfaces between theory and practice. Saeed has recently completed a £120K project funded by Network Rail as the Co-Investigator. This project utilizes emerging surveying methods and AI to replace visual inspection of railway bridges.

Raam Shanker Bio

Raam is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Founder of Equitus Engineering Limited. His expertise includes delivering innovation, sustainability, and product development. Clients include the European Space Agency, Babcock Group, Samsung Heavy Industries, UKRI, and Kawasaki. Raam is a TEDx alumni, member of Andy Burnham’s Business Advisory Panel, Associate Member and mentor with TiE UK North, a contributor to Greater Manchester’s Local Industrial Strategy, Industrial  Advisory Board member with Manchester Metropolitan University’s School of Engineering, steering committee Member with two regional chapters and Professional Review Interviewer with the  Institution of Mechanical Engineers, STEM Ambassador, Business Mentor with the Growth Company.

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