Northvolt: 3D Design at the Heart of a Sustainable Future

Northvolt: 3D Design at the Heart of a Sustainable Future

Most people would assume that a transition to 3D and digital design is more about productivity and efficiency but for some businesses, the added objective of achieving greater sustainability triumphs profit. 


Sustainability through innovation is at the core of the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt. They have taken digital transformation a step further by innovating across the entire business infrastructure. Not only does this apply to the design of products, it’s even reflected in the design of the global manufacturer’s factory floors.. All the way through to the recruitment process which embeds strong values of passion to drive change and sustainability. 


Factory Layout and Modelling Engineering Manager Axel Save has been with the scale up since 2020, while the business was still a start-up, and has implemented and overseen the transition from 2D into 3D factory layout design across the manufacturer’s ten global sites


At the heart of Axel’s journey with Northvolt has been strong passion to deliver positive change through the production of sustainable batteries and this starts before the beginning of the manufacturing process – with the design of the factories. 


Axel Save, Factory Layout and Modelling Engineering Manager, Northvolt

Axel joined Northvolt during its start-up phase in 2020. Prior to this, he served as a consultant and engineering product manager in a number of businesses, spanning automotive giant Scania Group and IT, life sciences and engineering consultancy firm ALTEN Sweden. He holds a BSc in Material Design and an MSc in Industrial Production from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 

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