Bridging Data Access

Bridging Data Access

The strategic importance of data is well-known across the D&M industry. But while many companies collect huge amounts of data, it can be hard to know how to process it effectively. In this episode, Asif Moghal speaks with Rob Marchant, CEO of MarchantCain Design Ltd., and Tom Jones, Senior Solution Architect Manager at Amazon Web Services, to explore how data can be collected and used to enact effective change in your company.


Rob Marchant, CEO, MarchantCain Design Ltd.

Rob achieved Master Technician status before going to university as a mature student to study for a Bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering Design, followed by a Master's degree in Design Management.


After five years with a major tier 1 supplier, Rob moved to Bentley Motor Cars in Crewe and was there for two years as senior engineer responsible for Closures before leaving to set up MarchantCain Design Ltd. Rob became a Chartered Engineer in 2010 and in 2015 gained Chartered Technological Product Designer status with the Institute of Engineering Designers.

Thomas Jones, Sr. Manager Global ISV Partner Solution Architecture, Amazon Web Services

Tom Jones is a senior manager in ISV (independent software vendor) partner solutions architecture for the EMEA region with Amazon Web Services. He spends his time focusing on the complex challenges of their most strategic partners in the Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing space.


His career has spanned both the hardware and software sides of the house, including work at Red Hat, Transmeta, and Pratt & Whitney, giving Tom an extremely broad technical experience across multiple industries and verticals. 

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