Innovative Thinking in Manufacturing

Innovative Thinking in Manufacturing

With the complete overhaul in product design and manufacturing processes in recent years, there has never been a greater need to implement innovative thinking within the Design and Manufacturing industry. In this episode, Asif Moghal – Director of D&M Market & Industry Development at Autodesk – speaks to Ben Maddock, Design Engineer at Steller Engineering and Sam Rogers, Test Pilot and Additive Design Lead at Gravity Industries to discuss the importance of innovation in delivering the product experience customers expect.


Ben Maddock, Design Engineer, Steller Engineering

Founded in 2000, Steller Engineering is at the heart of British motorsport, developing award-winning cars and components while maintaining industry-leading sustainability practices. The team is capable of producing innovative solutions for individual programmes, or taking a concept from a clean sheet design to an award-winning performance.


As an experienced Design Engineer with a history of working in both motorsport and specialised engineering projects, Ben supports Steller on product design, from developing models and designs all the way to monitoring the manufacturing process. Ben is a graduate of Coventry University with a BEng in Motorsport Engineering.

Sam Rogers, Test Pilot & Design Lead, Gravity Industries

Gravity Industries designs, builds and flies Jet Suits, pioneering a new era of human flight. Founded in 2017, the company now trains international organizations including air ambulance services, paramedics, and the British Royal Marines to explore future uses for the Jet Suit.


In his role as Test Pilot & Design Lead, Sam works on the design of the fully 3D printed Jet Suit, and is involved in the whole process: from computer modelling to the manufacturing and testing. Sam’s interest in rocket engines stems from school and university, where he researched and built small engines using commercially available motors.

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