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The Art of the ImPossible podcast - EPISODE 1

Powering Businesses Through Digital Transformation

Empowering businesses, reshaping manufacturing and building the industries of tomorrow with technology.

What does Digital Transformation mean to your business? How can data help you? Where do you start the journey? Many businesses are trying to answer these questions, if you are one of them, this episode is for you. Our guests William Bridgman, Chairman at Warren Services, and Chris Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE Technology share ideas about Digital Transformation and offer advice to those looking to start their own journey.

Listen to the podcast below

Check out this fascinating conversation on digital transformation with SDE Technology and Warren Services.

People and technology are empowering businesses, reshaping manufacturing, and building the industries of tomorrow. In this podcast, our guests William Bridgman, Chairman at Warren Services, and Chris Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE Technology, share their ideas about Digital Transformation and offer advice to those looking to start their own journey.

We start by exploring how data can be leveraged to a company’s advantage and be used to improve processes and therefore, productivity and affordability. Inevitably, as businesses move forward in their digital transformation journeys, some jobs will become obsolete. We debate whether automation is actually a threat or an escape to improve jobs. Are robots freeing our employees time so they can use their brains? 

Furthermore, we discuss the fact that Digital Transformation can be too much of an abstract concept. Overthinking strategies and shaking the business to the core doesn’t always bring the expected results and can be damaging for the future of a company, draining valuable resources. We explore practical, low-risk ways to start the digital journey, which begins with engaging your employees and doing more while thinking less. 

To conclude, William and Chris share valuable, practical advice for leaders in the design and manufacturing industry in order to get them on their digital transformation journey. Digital transformation, if broken down into its simplest term, is nothing more than a way to look at businesses and figure out ways to do things better. The use of technology can enable that definition of better, by providing more people in the organization the information needed for them to do their job more effectively, and perhaps make them less fearful of change. The best place to start would be to ask yourself what does better look like for your company and develop a clear, actionable plan without overthinking it. 



Chris Greenough

Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer at SDE Technology, covers all commercial aspects of the business. He is passionate about highlighting the Midlands and manufacturing as the new power-house driving the UK economy forward. Chris is involved through training providers, schools, and colleges to help close the skills gap and make sure that young people are given all the information on manufacturing they need to make informed decisions on their future. 

William Bridgman 

William Bridgman is an experienced business leader who believes that strategic alliances are the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable business. He is the Chairman of Warren Services but has also held directorships and advisory roles with other businesses. He is passionate about developing new business products/services in order to enhance business portfolios and to ensure that Warren Services remains a leading-edge, technical solutions provider.

After 25 years of being a well respected and successful engineering/manufacturing organisation, Will is keen to develop Warren Services further as a trusted partner and end to end technical solutions provider, focused on building productive, strategic relationships that deliver innovative solutions for clients and business partners alike.