Collaboration - the Key to a Better Tomorrow?

Collaboration - the Key to a Better Tomorrow?

This may sound a bit cliché, but the past 12 months have shown us, beyond all doubt, that being more collaborative can result in phenomenal outcomes. The development of medical products and vaccines in once unimaginable timescales is just one example of the incredible things that can be achieved when people work together. To discover what collaboration looks like and whether technology drives, help, or perhaps only enables it, Asif Moghal talks to Tony Cox, owner and co-founder of Great British Outdoor Fires and John Grimshaw, Product Manager at Elcometer.


Tony Cox

Tony, having enjoyed a number of careers –  a former naval officer, an engineer and an IT business analyst, to name a few – now pours his passion into the functional design of the Great British Outdoor Fires products.

John Grimshaw

John Grimshaw is a Product Manager, empowering cross-functional teams to deliver projects through all stages of the product life cycle at Elcometer Ltd. John believes that collaboration, open and honest communication and talent development are not only a fundamental part of operational excellence, but are also the building blocks of creating high performing individuals and teams. Using his experience from large multinationals to small start-ups over his 25 year career, he has a personal mission to encourage 100 people into an engineering profession through educational outreach and volunteering as a STEM Ambassador. He is also a Fablab / makerspace enthusiast.

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