Making Change Part of the Everyday

Making Change Part of the Everyday

In recent years, we’ve had to deal with rapid and unpredictable changes both personally and professionally. How can companies maintain their agility, and make changes part of the ‘business as usual’ mindset? Join Autodesk’s Asif Moghal as he discusses what agile change means to people and processes in a D&M business, with Karim Sekkat, CEO of Oxford Engineering Group, and Dr Sally Eaves, CEO of Aspirational Futures and global strategy advisor.


Karim Sekkat, CEO, Oxford Engineering Group

Karim started his first venture while at business school, and has since pursued a buy & build strategy over the last 20 years, now ranking in the Thames Valley 100. Through his vision as CEO of Oxford Engineering, the company became the only subcontract manufacturer in the United Kingdom awarded the investor in People Gold standard. His vision is to continuously strive for world-class. The Group holds over 60 years of engineering experience and is one of the top 10 UK contract manufacturers, and provides total manufacturing solutions for industries spanning medical, nuclear, aerospace and more.

Dr Sally Eaves, CEO of Aspirational Futures & Global Strategy Advisor

Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practicing Professor of Blockchain, Founder and Global Strategic Advisor, specializing in the application of emergent technologies for both business and societal benefit. Having started her career in coding and telecommunications, she now chairs advisory boards and advises governmental security policies to drive change across emerging technologies. Sally runs a non-profit organization ‘Aspirational Futures’, focused on improving sustainability, inclusion, and diversity in technology, and also acts as Chair of Cyber Trust for the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies.

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