Rethinking Traditional Value Propositions

How do we rethink traditional value propositions in an ever-changing world?

Design and manufacturing companies are digitalizing and connecting at unprecedented rates. Keeping abreast of changes represents a challenge. It is possible to rethink traditional value propositions. But how do we get there? To explore this topic, we are joined by Charlotte Horobin, regional director across the Midlands and East for Make UK, and Ralf H. Komor, from Komor Interim Management.


Charlotte Horobin

Make UK (formerly EEF) is the largest voice supporting UK manufacturing, representing over 22,000 businesses. Charlotte’s role as Region Director is to support manufacturers to protect, grow and upskill their businesses. Charlotte also is a Trustee of the WMG Academy for Young Engineers, business-led schools for 14-19-year-olds who are interested in a STEM career, she’s a Careers and Enterprise Advisor in Lincolnshire and is a Senior Industrial Fellow with The Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School.

Ralf H. Komor

Ralf H. KOMOR from KOMOR INTERIM MANAGEMENT is Interim Manager, Digital Sales Evangelist and BIM Enthusiast in Ladenburg, Germany. He develops new business models and sales strategies for medium-sized companies and accompanies change processes in people and organizations.


He looks back on over three decades of experience from national and international projects. He was and is primarily active for manufacturing companies, in plant engineering and construction as well as in the contract business. His focus is on developing, restructuring, and successfully managing the sales of products, systems, plants, and services. He is passionately involved in the mandates and appreciates working with people from the company environment.


Ralf H. Komor has operational management experience at C-level as managing director and member of the management board; in the course of his work, he has been responsible for the staff of up to 1,250 employees and sales responsibility for up to 120.

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