Business resilience

Digitization boosts business resilience amid continued challenges

Optimism is returning

Companies are more prepared than reported in 2023 to face an uncertain future. In a word, business leaders and experts this year are optimistic.


of companies are prepared to handle unforeseen change


Concern about access to skilled talent is down from last year


Digital transformation has improved productivity


of companies are approaching or have achieved their goal of incorporating AI

“Coming out of COVID, people are a lot more optimistic. We’ve had a year now to figure out which way is up.”

— Richard Matchett, Digital Lead, Zutari, an infrastructure engineering and advisory practice

Companies are more prepared than reported in 2023 to face an uncertain future

Last year, survey respondents emphasized the sense of uncertainty brought about by the global pandemic, geopolitical turmoil, and economic instability in many markets, with many businesses struggling to attract and retain the talent they needed to grow.

Survey question: My company is well prepared to handle unforeseen future macroeconomic and geopolitical changes. x Resiliency is the average score of the survey question: To what extent do you agree or disagree that your company or organization is doing the following to be more resilient? Planning new offerings, entering new markets, increasing agility, and diversifying supply chain. 5-point scale.

Resiliency measures are tied to confidence

Global insight

At companies that take more steps to boost resilience, leaders and experts are more confident about the future.

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Cost control has risen above talent as the top challenge for business

Talent remains a critical factor in company success, but it is no longer the top challenge many businesses are facing.

Talent and global events pose less of a challenge

Global insight

Respondents around the world are less worried this year about talent as well as the global economy and global events.

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Digitally mature companies see greater business success

Companies that invest in digital transformation are seeing dramatic results.

Digital maturity is now the norm

Global insight

Perceptions of digital maturity have flipped in just one year.

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Companies are making meaningful progress in their AI adoption journeys

Business leaders and experts are bullish on artificial intelligence.

AI adoption by country

Global insight

Companies are already exploring different ways to use AI.

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Key themes

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Key theme 2: Talent

Companies tackle talent challenges with upskilling, digitization, and sustainability initiatives.


Key theme 3: Sustainability

Sustainability is now a key concern for employees, customers, and investors—as well as an important driver of business success.

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