Not all manufacturing companies are equally ready for the unexpected

Percentage of respondents who agree with statements:
1. My company is well prepared to handle unforeseen future macroeconomic and geopolitical changes.
2. The future global landscape feels more uncertain now than 3 years ago. 5-point scale. Top two = agree. Note: Automotive sample size in 2023 is small.

“The key to becoming more resilient is navigating the pace of change and making sure the organization has enough agility to lean in when it’s appropriate, adopt new things quickly, and manage risk around that.”

—Dave Mackenzie, Managing Principal for Digital, Aurecon, a design, engineering, and advisory firm

“After the pandemic, we are now actually more accustomed to using digital platforms and collaborating online, and we have improved our analytical processes.”

—Cucu Juanda, Division Head of Business Systems and Automation, PT Sanggar Sarana Baja, an industrial machinery company

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