Bridging the talent gap

A chart depicting that companies recognize the importance of development talent but don’t have the resources to do it.
Companies recognize the importance of developing talent but don’t have the resources to do it.

Companies tackle talent challenges with upskilling, digitization, and sustainability initiatives

Competition for top talent is less intense—but it’s not over.

Although cost control has dethroned talent as the top business challenge, attracting and retaining skilled employees is still top of mind for most organizations.

The global labor market has shifted in favor of employers, according to the business leaders and experts we surveyed. Still, respondents say their companies are shoring up remaining talent gaps through a mix of training, digitization, and other means.

“The most difficult thing in a company is hiring people with the right attitude. Skills, you can teach, but not attitude and mentality.”

—Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer, Pininfarina, a car design firm

Upskilling is essential but out of reach for many

Leaders want to train and upskill their workforces, but not everyone knows how, and many organizations lack the expertise needed to design effective internal training programs.

A map graphic depicting the percentage of respondents who agree that upskilling is important to their company and agree that their company doesn’t have the skills or resources to design internal training programs.
Percentage of respondents who agree to statements: 1. Upskilling employees is important to my company. 2. My company doesn’t have the skills or the resources to design internal training programs. 5-point scale. Top two= agree.

The upskilling gap

Global insight
Companies value training but lack resources.

Talent in your industry

Companies are taking a multipronged approach to solving the talent problem

Across the board, companies are facing far fewer challenges when it comes to talent.

Workers return to the office, but remote hiring continues

Global insight
Survey data shows a mixed picture regarding remote work.

Talent in your industry

Key themes


Key theme 3: Sustainability

Sustainability is now a key concern for employees, customers, and investors—as well as an important driver of business success. 

Illustration cutout of smart manufacturing shop floor with car shells mounted on rails


Key theme 1: Business resilience

In a word, business leaders and experts this year are optimistic.

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