Film and TV companies are far better prepared to handle changes

Percentage of respondents who agree with statements:
1. My company is well prepared to handle unforeseen future macroeconomic and geopolitical changes.
2. The future global landscape feels more uncertain now than 3 years ago. 5-point scale. Top two = agree.

“We’re optimistic. For a time, there was a narrative that everything was going to streaming, and people weren’t going to the theaters anymore. But we’ve seen the industry respond with quality products. This is a creative business. It was not built on an algorithm.”

—Hansjeet Duggal, Head of VFX, Artists Equity, a film and television production studio

“Things have improved significantly when you compare last year and this year. But there is a certain level of skepticism at the same time about how long this trend will continue. We need to enhance and diversify our capabilities to respond to changes and trends in the market—for example, by incorporating immersive content platforms.”

—Jong-Hyun Jin, Director of VFX, Dexter Studios, a VFX post-production and film production company

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