Beyond productivity, AI use cases vary for M&E segments

Survey question: What are the use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in your company or organization? Select all that apply.

“There are so many aspects to AI. Cybersecurity vendors are building AI into network security. Does that count as a creative company using AI? We’re using it to protect our systems. We’re not using it to create images. We’ve already had our clients tell us, ‘You can’t use AI unless you tell us.’”

—David Spilsbury, Chief Technology Officer, Axis Studios, an animation and VFX studio

“We are testing different options for AI and [machine learning] ML and applying them to our daily work. For example, AI technologies are used to create concept art and set the direction for new games, with faster results.”

—Ji-Woong Hong, Executive Vice President of BF Production, COM2US, a mobile and online game development company

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