Digital maturity is now the norm

Perceptions of digital maturity have flipped in just one year

Overall, 64% of respondents say their companies are digitally mature, compared to last year, when 62% rated their organizations as “less digitally mature.”

This suggests that digital transformation has reached something of a tipping point—with businesses seeing the positive impact of their digitization efforts and then continuing to invest to keep up with their peers.

Indeed, effective digital transformation initiatives have now become a necessity for many organizations to stay competitive. “The mindset of leadership can be one of the biggest barriers to digital transformation,” notes Michał Latała of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, an air, road, and rail transfer hub. “You need to invest first before seeing results later. Some leaders don’t see that.”

Respondents from the Americas and the EMEA region report their companies are further along in their digital transformation journeys than those in the APAC region. However, most respondents in all three regions report their companies are digitally mature.

Digital transformation is a global priority

Most companies are approaching their digital transformation goals.

Survey question: Where is your company or organization in the digital transformation journey? 4-point scale.

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