What does digital maturity mean for AECO companies?

Digitally mature AECO companies are further along than their peers on some of the industry’s most important initiatives

Across the sector, 65% of respondents say their company is digitally mature.

These organizations are far ahead of others in the use of cloud services and platforms, digitalization of project delivery, BIM, and other processes that drive success within the sector. Companies that embrace building information modeling (BIM) can improve project visualization and mitigate the risk of errors, cloud platforms can enable centralized storage and management of project data, and digitized project delivery can improve accuracy and quality control, to name just a few benefits of these workflows. Taken together, these benefits of digital transformation can also lead to better tracking and management of costs, helping companies to address pressing challenges.

“Digital tools are key to staying competitive, producing quality work, and improving collaboration between teams,” says Maria Fernanda Olmos, global principal for digital integration at Unispace, a workplace strategy, design, and construction firm. “These days, when most companies have embraced remote working, cloud and AI solutions help ensure that communication goes smoothly, enabling businesses like ours to deliver projects to clients faster and more efficiently than before.”

Mining, oil, and gas leads other AECO segments in the use of digital visualization tools, with 66% of respondents identifying their companies as “very mature” in this area, while civil infrastructure leads in the use of cloud platforms, with 62%.

Utilities and telecommunications companies are relatively weak in BIM, with only 29% of respondents saying their companies are “very mature” in this area.

More digitally mature AECO companies are also more process mature

Percent of respondents who selected “very mature” in each process.

Survey question: In your company or organization, how mature are the following? 5-point scale.

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