Beyond productivity, AI use cases vary for D&M segments

Survey question: What are the use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in your company or organization? Select all that apply.

“AI is going to allow robots to be able to adapt dynamically during their missions. For example, a robot could be taking pictures inside a water pipe. It might detect a crack. If that crack is a certain shape and a certain length, the robot would stop and take a closer took. This is just one way AI can proactively help with pipe maintenance while gathering more accurate data.”

—Jean-Francois Guiderdoni, Director of Business Development and General Manager, ACWA Robotics, a robotics solutions for water management company

“There are challenges but also opportunities. The best opportunity is AI. We can do more, even better, with less. For example, using the same resources as before, we can create three or four proposals at the same time instead of only one.”

—Jinchun Hu, General Manager, JAC Italy Design Center S.R.L., an automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturer

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