Original research reports

Autodesk conducts original research to surface actionable insights that fuel business decisions. Our annual, longitudinal State of Design & Make report and accompanying topical reports feature insights from leaders around the world in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, filmmaking, and gaming.

Spotlight on AI

2024 State of Design & Make Special Edition: Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial partner in AECO organizations, enhancing innovation and boosting productivity. While human creativity remains essential, many business leaders see AI as vital for future success.

spotlight on rail

2024 State of Design & Make Special Edition: Spotlight on Rail

Navigating the rail industry’s toughest challenges: perspectives from leaders and experts


Rocket ship space launch

2024 State of Design & Make Report

For this year’s report, Autodesk surveyed and interviewed 5,399 industry leaders, futurists, and experts in architecture, engineering, construction, design, and operations from countries around the globe.