Account management for education

Renewing access to Education software

Your access to the Education plan expires at the end of one year. You can renew your access annually, as long as you are eligible.


Thirty days before the expiration of your one-year Education plan access, you'll be sent an email reminder. You can also find your expiration date in the personalized banner notification when you sign in to your account on the Get Products page of the Autodesk Education Community website.


If you do not renew your access, your free access ends when your Education plan expires. If you have files stored in Drive, you can continue to access them, but you will not be able to edit them or upload new files.


Note: Documents stored in Autodesk cloud service remain available for 30 days after your Education plan access expires. Be sure to retrieve any files stored in Autodesk cloud service before the end of this period.

Restart access

  1. Make sure you are still eligible for educational access by reviewing who is eligible.
  2. On the Get Products page, sign in to your account.
  3. Click Restart Access in the personalized banner notification.
  4. Once you confirm your eligibility, your access is automatically extended for another year.

Once you've restarted access, you will need to follow the steps to restart a subscription to continue using the products that were previously obtained.

Restart a subscription

After you complete the following steps, a new subscription will be assigned to your account.

  1. Go to the Get Products page.
  2. Click Get Started and sign in.
  3. Scroll down to the card for your product.
  4. Click Get Product.
  5. Click Install/Download. A new one-year subscription is assigned to your account.

Note: Even if your product is already installed, you need to click Install/Download to generate a new subscription. (You can cancel the download if you don't need it.)

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