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Subscription (purchased after 05/18/2018)

For all subscriptions purchased or renewed on or after May 18, 2018, click the link below.

Terms of use

Maintenance & Older Subscription

Answer the questions below to find the terms and conditions applicable to subscription purchased prior to May 18, 2018 and to maintenance plans purchased at any time:

1.) Choose offering type

Move to Subscription Offers

(While the Move to Subscription Offer program ended on May 6, 2020, the terms and conditions for that program, linked below, will govern a new offer called the "Maintenance Trade-in Offer", which commenced on May 7, 2020.  The Maintenance Trade-in Offer applies to the Networked Maintenance offering type, and such other maintenance offering types (e.g., standalone perpetual software licenses on a Maintenance Plan) as Autodesk permits.  Autodesk reserves the right to terminate or modify the Maintenance Trade-in Offer at any time.   The Maintenance Trade-in Offer is further described in the Multi-User Trade-in Business Offer Terms located here:

The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing Move to Subscription offers.

Switched Subscription

The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing Subscription to Subscription switches.

Subscription to Subscription Switches

Capitalized terms that are not defined in this document are defined in the Autodesk Terms of Use.


“Switched Subscription” means a single-user or multi-user subscription that is a substitute and replacement for an existing subscription to Software or Web Services. Whether a subscription is a “Switched Subscription” may be specified on Your order confirmation, license identification or other documentation associated with the switch.

Effect of Switched Subscriptions

Except as otherwise provided by Autodesk in writing, whether in additional terms linked in or accompanying Your order confirmation or otherwise, If Autodesk or a reseller provides You with a Switched Subscription, then 30 calendar days following commencement of the Switched Subscription, all subscription benefits of the subscription being replaced (the “Original Subscription Benefits”) will terminate. After such termination, except as noted in any additional terms and conditions applicable to Your Switched Subscription, (a) You must cease all use of any Original Subscription Benefits, and (b) You will no longer have the right to access or otherwise use any such Original Subscription Benefits. At Autodesk’s request, You agree to uninstall and destroy or return to Autodesk or the reseller from which they were acquired, all copies of the Original Subscription Benefits and, on request, show satisfactory proof that all copies of any Original Subscription Benefits have been uninstalled and destroyed or returned to Autodesk or the reseller from which they were acquired.

Commencement Date

For the purposes of these terms, the commencement date of a Switched Subscription will be the date determined by Autodesk in accordance with its policies for entering Your Switched Subscription into the Autodesk systems.

Extra Territory Rights

Below are the terms and conditions governing global and regional Extra Territory Right Benefits for multi-user subscription.

Global Extra Territory Rights

Regional Extra Territory Rights

Enterprise Success Program

The following link takes you to the terms governing the Enterprise Success Program.

Legacy Software License Agreements and Web Services Terms

Legacy Software License Agreements

License agreements applicable software products subject to maintenance plans purchased at any time, and software products on subscriptions purchased prior to May 18, 2018.

Legacy Web Services Terms and Special Web Services Terms

Terms and conditions applicable to all web services offerings prior to May 18, 2018, and certain web services offerings after May 18, 2018, which are not covered by the new terms.

Permission to Host Components for Certain Types of Offerings

Conditional Permission

The following terms and conditions grant permission, subject to specified conditions, to host off-premises and remotely access file server and/or other components of certain offering types.

Remote Hosting for Server Components

Hostable Component Products List

The following document lists certain software products that include components eligible for hosting and remote access under the above permission. Note that this list applies to one of three categories of offerings that are covered by the above permission. The list is therefore not exhaustive with respect to components that may be hosted and remotely accessed. Please review the permission terms to determine whether your offering qualifies for the permission.

Hostable Components Product

BIM 360 Design - Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS)

The Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS) policy defines access to modules and services within BIM 360 Design.

BYOS allows:

- project administrators to invite subscribers of BIM 360 Design (internal or external) to join a BIM 360 project without having to assign one of their own subscriptions, regardless of the location of the data center on which the project is hosted (USA or Europe).

- subscribers to access Revit Cloud Worksharing in Revit, Collaboration for Civil 3D, Collaboration for Plant 3D and the Design Collaboration and Document Management modules in BIM 360 for any BIM 360 project to which subscriber is invited to participate.

Additional materials regarding BYOS can be found at:

(BYOS is unique to BIM 360 Design and does not apply to other BIM 360 product subscriptions)

Multi-User Trade-in Business Offer Terms

The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing the Multi-User Trade-in Offer

Multi-User Trade-In Business Offer Terms

Ineligible Product Single Sign-On Exception Terms

Single Sign-On is a benefit provided through the Premium Subscription offering. Because some products are presently ineligible for inclusion in Premium Subscription, Autodesk will allow, in some circumstances, on an exception basis, access to the Single Sign-On Benefit for ineligible products. The following link takes you to the terms and conditions governing the Single Sign-On Exception for Ineligible Products.

Ineligible Product Single Sign-On Exception Terms