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Subscription Types

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined below will have the meaning assigned to them in the General Terms. Autodesk retains the sole right to determine Your eligibility for any of the subscription types described below. The subscription types may be updated from time to time. Notice of updates will be posted on the “Effective Date/Updated" link at the top of this page.


If Your subscription is described as “single-user,” “individual” or “named user,” then You may only assign such subscription to one (1) of Your Authorized Users. The Authorized User must (i) be identified by a unique user identification (“Autodesk ID”) and (ii) be an individual, not a group or associated with a generic login (except as permitted below). The Authorized User must log in using his or her Autodesk ID to install and/or access each Offering, and no one else may access and/or use such Offerings using the same Autodesk ID.

Your Authorized User may install Software on up to three (3) Electronic Devices; however, Your Authorized User may only use the Software on one (1) Electronic Device at a time.

Likewise, for a Collection, Your Authorized User may install the Software titles in a Collection collectively on up to three (3) Electronic Devices. Your Authorized User may simultaneously use any Software titles in the Collection, provided that any such use is only on one (1) Electronic Device at a time.

You may reassign Your single-user subscription from one individual Authorized User to another individual Authorized User if You follow Autodesk’s policy and process for reassignment.

If Your subscription for single-user Offering authorizes a “Generic Login,” then Your generic login and associated rights to the subscription Offering may only be used by one (1) individual Authorized User at a time and may not be shared and/or used by any other individual simultaneously.


If Your subscription is described as “multi-user,” then You may (i) install the license server component of the Software to which You have subscribed on an Electronic Device within Your local area network acting as a file server; (ii) install copies of the corresponding Software on Electronic Devices used by Your Authorized Users; and (ii) permit Your Authorized Users to access the Offerings through multiple Electronic Devices through Your local area network or a virtual private network (VPN), provided that, in any case, Your network uses current industry standard security, encryption and protection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized use.

For the purposes of a multi-user subscription, Your Authorized Users are limited to (a) Your individual employees and (b) Your consultants and contractors only to the extent they work on Your premises and on computers and other Electronic Devices owned or leased by You. Your Authorized Users may access and/or use the Offerings solely for Your internal business needs. The number of concurrent Authorized Users may not exceed the maximum number of Authorized Users specified in Your subscription documentation (or other technical limit or subscription limit imposed by Your subscription Offering).

Trial Version

If Your subscription is a Trial Version (including those labeled “not for resale,” “free,” “evaluation,” “trial,” “pre-release,” “beta” or another similar designation), You may use Your Trial Version as set forth in the “Trial Versions” section of the General Terms (Section 12).


Education User

You must be a Student, Faculty, Qualified Educational Institution or Other Authorized Education User (each an “Education User”) to access or use an Education Offering, including any Software licensed under an Education License Type.

"Faculty" means an individual person who is an employee or independent contractor working for a Qualified Educational Institution.
"Qualified Educational Institution" means an educational institution that has been accredited by an authorized governmental agency within its applicable local, state, provincial, federal or national government and has the primary purpose of teaching its enrolled students.
"Student" means an individual person, 13 years or older, enrolled as a student at a Qualified Educational Institution.
"Other Authorized Education User" means a user described in the Education Terms or as otherwise authorized in writing by Autodesk.

Education Users may only use Education Offerings for the following “Educational Purposes”: (1) if You are a Qualified Educational Institution, Faculty or Other Authorized Education User, You may access and/or use the Offering solely for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, or research and development as part of the instructional functions performed by a Qualified Educational Institution or an Other Authorized Education User and (2) if You are a Student or an individual Other Authorized Education User, You may access and/or use the Offering solely for purposes directly related to learning, training or research. You may not access or use the Offering for commercial, professional or other for-profit purposes. You may be required to show proof of eligibility if requested by Autodesk.

You may install copies of the Software You have licensed or subscribed to solely on Electronic Devices owned or controlled by You. Only current Students and Faculty of a Qualified Educational Institution may access and/or use Offerings licensed or subscribed to by a Qualified Educational Institution. Students and Faculty may be required to use their own individual Autodesk ID to access and/or use certain Offerings.

Your entitlement to use the Education Offering commences when we grant You access and ends upon the earlier of (i) the expiration of the term Autodesk specifies for the Education Offering or, if no term is specified, one (1) year thereafter, (ii) the date You no longer qualify to use Education Offerings, (iii) the date Autodesk discontinues the Education Offering, or (iv) upon notice from Autodesk that it is ending Your Education Offering term early.

Output and other data created with Offerings made available under Education License Types may contain certain notices and limitations that make the Output and other data usable only in certain circumstances (e.g., only in the education field). In addition, if You combine or link work product or other data created with such Offering with work product or other data otherwise created, then such other work product or data may also be affected by these notices and limitations. Autodesk will have no responsibility or liability whatsoever if You or any other person combine or link work product or other data created with such Offerings with work product or other data otherwise created. In addition, You will not remove, alter or obscure any such notices or limitations.

Education License Types

For Education License Types, please see the Education Terms.

Cloud Credits

Cloud Credits are a unit of measure across certain Autodesk consumption-based Web Services. Cloud Credits are required to perform certain tasks, such as creating a rendering or running a simulation.

You may be granted Cloud Credits in various forms, which vary by product, type and level of service or subscription. Cloud Credits are also available for purchase. Cloud Credits have different attributes depending on the type of Cloud Credit allocated or purchased. Those attributes are set out in more detail on the Cloud Credit Schedule and Terms.

Usage rates of Cloud Credits are determined by Autodesk and vary by service. Cloud credit usage may vary based on such elements as quality and size. Autodesk may change usage rates for Cloud Credits and product allocations from time to time. Cloud Credits may not be sold, bartered, traded, transferred or exchanged and will expire according to their respective attribute. From time to time, Autodesk may allow use of Cloud Credits in excess of allocated entitlement or designated expiration date. This does not imply continued use rights at the excess level or beyond the designated expiration date. For variable usage rates, Autodesk will endeavor to notify users of anticipated usage prior to running the service.