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Advancing sustainable flood resilience

With Autodesk predictive stormwater and flood management software, data is your greatest defense against rainfall and flooding events.

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Don’t just know your risk. Understand it.

Lives, livelihoods, even entire ecosystems face disruption when water infrastructure fails. Today, one quarter of the world’s population live in an area at significant risk of flooding–a number that is increasing every day. Many communities are dependent on effective stormwater and flood mitigation infrastructure.

Our flood modeling and management software lets you monitor assets in real-time and build accurate digital twins of catchment and drainage systems. This provides the accurate data you need to plan for and scale infrastructure to handle any risk and operate at maximum effectiveness.

Stormwater and flood software from surge to sump

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Overflows that won’t get overwhelmed

Traditional drainage design had a simple goal: carry unwanted surface water away from infrastructure. However, the need to reduce the environmental impact of runoff, as well as increased urban development and more frequent, intense rainfall have changed the state of play.


Sustainable designs that have tighter regulations and handle higher volumes bring more cost and complexity. But with Autodesk software, you can de-risk and simplify design through enhanced modeling and analysis capabilities. We can take you from initial concept to final design while optimizing for land use, performance, or cost. Plus, you get customizable reports for compliance, built-in CAD/GIS platform integration, and smoother workflows for teams.

Stormwater modeling in InfoWorks ICM

The forecast is in your hands

Creating actionable readiness plans and preparing for catastrophic weather events, capacity improvements, and system expansions is vitally important. Recognizing regions where future flooding risks are elevated and incorporating predictive scenarios into your capital planning efforts–both come down to effective stormwater modeling and management.


Autodesk integrated modeling software gives you precise representations of the hydraulic and hydrologic network elements impacting a network and provides reports with key details highlighted. With 1D and 2D modeling, advanced simulation, and cloud-based collaboration capabilities, you can visualize and account for different weather scenarios quickly, accurately, and cooperatively.

Rise above with clearer understanding

Nearly two billion people live in areas at high risk of flooding. Many of these areas are becoming more densely populated and sprawling into even higher risk zones. At the same time weather patterns are becoming more extreme and sea levels are rising. This poses a growing risk to communities and places huge pressure on infrastructure planners.


In that context, making decisions based on static flood maps is risky. Autodesk software can help you create detailed, hydraulic that can be updated as land profile and asset data changes, enabling predictive decision making. You can even use rainfall radar data to model its impact and risk in real-time. Our software helps give you the data-driven foundation for adaptive protection plans that will benefit lives for decades to come.

Our software helps customers weather any storm

Modeling 50 inches of rain in eight days

How one city prepared for the unthinkable.

Saving $25M with watershed modeling capabilities

Fayetteville creates 100-year flood resiliency from scratch.

Green drainage: the drain that's also a theater

A star of sustainable drainage design built with 1D-2D flow models. 

Our key software for flood and stormwater modeling

Design and audit drainage systems quickly, easily, and confidently.

Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively.

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Get started with InfoWorks ICM


Get started with InfoWorks ICM

Learn what you need to model your storm and wastewater networks in the cloud and better plan for capacity improvements, system expansions and emergency scenarios.

Video series

Video series

InfoWorks ICM: A Stormies' Guide

See how to get the most from InfoWorks ICM with video tutorials from Senior Stormwater Engineer and InfoWorks ICM Product Manager, Sophia Buchanan.



Get started with InfoDrainage

Everything you need to know to prepare surface models, develop flow paths, exchange data with Civil 3D, and design sustainable and resilient drainage systems.

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flood management software interface


Managing city flood resilience

Deploying high-resolution flood risk assessment at the city scale using a fully coupled 1D/2D model.

InfoWorks ICM software interface


The power of integrated design

And why it makes InfoWorks ICM such a powerful tool in mitigating wet weather events.

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Choosing drainage design software

Which software is right for your project? What you need to know before making a decision.

a sign of road closed for stormwater and street flood runoff


Modeling for a changing climate

As storms become more common and more intense, stormwater modeling is moving into uncharted waters.

Sustainable drainage with planter for the pavement


Precision as prevention

Why accuracy and data capture is the key to sustainably preventing catastrophic flooding events.

sustainable and green drainage in the road


Fundamentals of drainage design

Learn the key concepts and considerations of sustainable drainage design across different land uses and scenarios.

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Stormwater management frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between InfoDrainage and InfoWorks ICM?

Autodesk InfoDrainage® is a full design and analysis solution that designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and approval authorities rely on to design, audit, and building site-wide drainage networks.


Autodesk InfoWorks ICM is an advanced, integrated catchment modeling software with cloud capabilities that model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly and accurately in a collaborative environment on a network or city scale.

What software is more beneficial for flood catchment modeling?

Both InfoDrainage and InfoWorks ICM are useful for flood modeling respective to their relative scales. InfoDrainage’s Deluge tool, now enhanced with AI, can quickly generate flood maps for a given site, allowing users to make responsive design changes.


InfoWorks ICM can model overland flow and flooding events on a catchment scale, allowing users to gain a comprehensive understanding of stormwater and wastewater challenges and review multiple scenario results.

What software do utilities use for flood mapping?

Utilities that undergo the flood mapping process will generally utilize an integrated catchment modeling software that easily allows for capital planning and improvement decisions, as well as the development of disaster plans. InfoWorks ICM is relied on by many of the world’s major water utilities just for this purpose.

How can I justify using advanced hydraulic modeling software?

Managing stormwater, sanitary sewers, and mitigating flooding are components of the essential unseen infrastructure that keep modern society functioning. In direct correlation, combined sewer overflows, extreme flooding events, and other events that occur due to the failure of these systems are some of the biggest sources of pollution and environmental destruction, including property and loss of life. Having access to tools that model these systems accurately and precisely, as needed, create more resilient and sustainable water systems that require less rework.


Advanced hydraulic modeling software ensures that the infrastructure you build today, will be around and continue functioning for many years to come. Cost savings from mitigated disasters and spill events from more accurate hydraulic modeling helps justify capital expenditures and training costs.

Are the predictions from hydraulic models reliable?

Stormwater and drainage simulation results use the most advanced hydraulic physics available and are constantly validated and back tested by our team of experts for accuracy to reality. You can explore this blog that details the hydraulic modeling results from InfoDrainage against measured outflows and other leading hydraulic modeling tools and methods.

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