• InfoWorks ICM

InfoWorks ICM

Course overview

InfoWorks ICM is a purpose-built technology that provides its users the ability to plan for capacity improvements, system expansions and emergency scenarios such as turbulent floods or spills. Delivering fast, accurate and easy-to-interpret visual results water professionals can model small to large stormwater and wastewater networks in the cloud.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create a hydraulic network model.
  • Import data, then fill in any gaps in the data.
  • Perform network validation and inspections.
  • Run simulations that produce data-rich reports and graphs.
  • Compare networks and transfer data between networks.
  • Export part of a network in standard file formats.
  • Leverage Real Time Control (RTC) for changing the state of objects.

Course downloads

These downloadable resources will be used to complete modules in this course:

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