InfoDrainage + Civil 3D integration

Connect civil design and drainage in a click

Integrate InfoDrainage with Civil 3D to bring more precise hydraulic results to your site design. Make responsive design changes across platforms with easy roundtripping and flexible reporting.

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Discover how round-trip workflows can reinforce your designs

Integrating InfoDrainage with Civil 3D equips you with the rich data you need to make informed design decisions, and the tools to carry them out with precision.  

Download our new e-book for a deep dive into the capabilities that help you design more sustainable drainage, and discover how it performs in the real-world with our customer success stories.

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What InfoDrainage brings to civil design

Better hydraulic results

Migrate hydraulic and energy grade lines for a more granular view of drainage conditions, and make informed design decisions.

Smooth round-tripping

Send drainage data to Civil 3D or bring site designs into InfoDrainage, at the click of a button from each platform’s toolbar.

Custom rainfall and runoff

Choose the right rainfall types and runoff calculation methods for your catchment, and meet sustainability standards.

Flexible reporting

Export the exact drainage data you need in a fraction of the time with automated, customizable reports.

Get more out of InfoDrainage + Civil 3D

A Civil 3D user interface, where the user is navigating a menu to import drainage design data from InfoDrainage.

Product help

InfoDrainage integration support

Got a question about InfoDrainage + Civil 3D integration? Visit our support center for everything you need.


An InfoDrainage user interface, where the user is analyzing drainage behaviour on a catchment model.

Video tutorial

What a round-trip looks like

See firsthand how to export site designs to InfoDrainage for editing, then import them back to Civil 3D.


A Civil 3D user interface, where the user is viewing a civil design top-down and importing drainage data from InfoDrainage.

Video tutorial

Drainage design with extended data

Learn how to enhance Civil 3D designs with extended data from InfoDrainage, such as rainfall or hydraulic results.


An InfoDrainage user interface, where the user is retrieving hydraulic results from a catchment model. Loading bars show the process is partway to completion.

Product course

InfoDrainage 101

Explore the capabilities of InfoDrainage, from preparing models for drainage design to developing flow paths.


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