Autodesk Fusion Manage: Cloud PLM that connects your people, processes, and data

What is Autodesk Fusion Manage?

Autodesk® Fusion Manage is a cloud-based product lifecycle management solution. It enhances workflows and improves collaboration for everyone involved in product development across your organization and extended stakeholders.

  • Configurable, easy-to-use PLM processes

  • Flexible, scalable cloud PLM that adapts to your business

  • Open API for integration with other systems like PDM, ERP, and CRM

Fusion Manage overview (video: 2:44 min.)

Why use Autodesk Fusion Manage?

Remove collaboration barriers

Collaborate and share information easily across different teams, partners, suppliers, and customers wherever they work.

Gain real-time visibility

Stay on task with quick access to real-time product data and project status updates.

Increase productivity with automation

Respond faster and work efficiently with automated workflows, tasks, and timely information.

What you can do with Autodesk Fusion Manage

Start quickly and scale easily

Enjoy the flexibility, faster time to value, and low TCO of cloud PLM that adapts to your business. Implement what you need, when you need it with the simplicity of configurable, out-of-the-box workflows.

Standardize and streamline business processes

Fusion Manage comes with a full set of core PLM processes, including NPI/NPD, change management, BOM management, supplier collaboration, quality management, and dozens of specialized processes at no extra cost.

Access anytime, anywhere

Work with product data on your tablet to review designs and sign off on your tasks, create change requests and participate in change workflows, analyze bill of materials (BOM) items, change lifecycle states, and complete your work.

Product data management options with Autodesk Fusion Manage

Vault data management solution

For any size organization looking for powerful PDM capabilities, Autodesk Vault integrates with Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and other CAD and productivity tools to manage your design and engineering data and processes. Vault can be purchased with Fusion Manage in a cost-efficient bundle subscription.

Cloud data management solution

For organizations and teams looking for a simplified cloud data management solution, Upchain integrates with a variety of CAD systems to manage design data, revisions, and change processes. Upchain is included with a subscription to Fusion Manage.


Which Autodesk Fusion Manage package is right for you?

Fusion Manage Enterprise

All the PLM features you need with the addition of a sandbox environment, single sign-on, third-party participants, and expanded cloud storage. Includes entitlement to Upchain, a cloud data management solution that can be connected to Fusion Manage.

Fusion Manage

All the PLM features you need and standard cloud storage. Includes entitlement to Upchain, a cloud data management solution that can be connected to Fusion Manage.

Fusion Manage Participant

For stakeholders who need visibility into critical PLM processes to view data and workflows and create reports. Includes participant-level access to Upchain, a cloud data management solution.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Fusion Manage used for?

Fusion Manage is a cloud PLM solution, delivering process management capabilities that enable manufacturers to digitally transform product development and collaboration workflows. Fusion Manage provides a comprehensive set of core PLM processes that includes new product introduction (NPI), ideas management, requirements management, BOM management, change management, supplier management, and quality management.

Who uses Fusion Manage?

Fusion Manage cloud PLM is used by organizations of all sizes to centralize and automate process workflows and enable cross-functional collaboration for all stakeholders involved in product development. Fusion Manage is used by roles such as operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, procurement, quality, and engineering. Fusion Manage helps ensure everyone is working with accurate, timely information in a system that is available to internal and external stakeholders across teams, departments, and geographies.

How is a PLM system different from an ERP system?

A PLM system complements an ERP system. An ERP system focuses on business execution processes such as inventory, logistics, and financials. A PLM system focuses on everything about your product from concept through engineering to production and service. PLM provides processes that connect everyone involved in the product lifecycle to a central source of information. Connecting PLM with ERP increases product data usage in more automations and workflows across the enterprise for greater business advantages.

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