Sustainability in M&E: Younger employees apply pressure

A significant portion of M&E leaders and experts say the next generation of employees is “very influential” in motivating their companies’ sustainability initiatives. This is most pronounced in film and TV, as well as in the gaming sector, with 41% in each segment saying that the next generation of workers are very influential to their companies’ sustainability efforts.

Ji-Woong Hong of COM2US, a mobile and online game development company, notes that the M&E industry has historically had less exposure to sustainability issues than the AECO and D&M industries. 

However, he says his company has already implemented environmental training and volunteering programs, and he expects that the industry will invest more in sustainability initiatives over time.

The next generation’s influence on sustainability

Percentage of respondents who say the next generation is driving sustainability initiatives

Survey question: How influential is the next generation in pressuring your company or organization to create and meet sustainability goals? 5-point scale. Top option = very influential.

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Sustainability actions

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