The younger generation’s influence on sustainability

Around one-third of AECO respondents say the next generation is “very influential” in motivating their companies to take steps to be more sustainable.

Mining, oil, and gas saw the highest number of any AECO sector, with 41% saying the next generation is strongly influencing their sustainability efforts. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from younger employees about how they want to work on sustainable projects,” says Vince DiPofi, PE CEO for SSOE Group, an architecture and engineering firm. “Employees are saying, ‘This is important to me; I want to work at a company that’s focused on sustainability.’ They want to have an impact and know they’re doing the right things for the community and the world. I think that’s great.”

The next generation’s influence on sustainability

Percentage of respondents who say the next generation is driving sustainability initiatives

Survey question: How influential is the next generation in pressuring your company or organization to create and meet sustainability goals? 5-point scale. Top option = very influential.

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